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Style Guide: 2020 Jewelry Trends & Your Silicone Ring

Written By: QALO Inc.

Style Guide: 2020 Jewelry Trends & Your Silicone Ring

Silicone rings may have initially caught on as an alternative to metal wedding bands, but these little gems have since become a popular jewelry style for everyday fashion, too. Since they’re lightweight, breathable, and flexible (i.e., not heavy and bulky), they’re incredibly comfortable to wear anywhere.

If you’re looking for ways to stylishly stack your silicone rings or pair them with other jewelry, this jewelry lookbook will give you plenty of inspiring ideas.

Silicone rings provide a sleek, modern jewelry style for both women and men and are available in both classic and trendy colors, as well as a variety of unique designs. They can be mixed and matched together, as well as with other types of jewelry, to create whatever look you want.

Different Ways to Stack Your Silicone Rings



All One Color

Show off your favorite color by stacking a few rings of the same color in different styles. Stacking two or three rings of the same color is also a great way to accessorize an outfit.

Tip: Rather than picking a color that completely matches your outfit, choose one that complements it and adds a stylish pop.


Mix it Up

Have fun mixing and matching your favorite silicone ring styles and colors. Stacking rings in both different colors and styles is a great way to add flair and show off your personality without being overly bold.


Make a Ring Sandwich

Yep, this exactly what you think it is! Get two rings in the same color and style and place a third ring of a different color and style in the middle. This is a really fun way to stack silicone rings – and one of our favorites.


Stack Rings from One Collection

To keep your stacked look super coordinated, choose two or three rings from your favorite collection and wear them together. To create a unique look, check out our Tie-Dye Collection, Switch Collection, and Realtree Collection.




Pairing Silicone Rings with Other Jewelry

Since many silicone ring designs offer a subtle, classy style, they look great with a variety of other types of jewelry.


Pair with Diamonds

Our women’s inspired silicone rings, both the Eternity and Scallop styles, offer a modern elegance, making them perfect to pair with diamonds. Wear one of these rings with diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, or a diamond bracelet – or all three!


Pair with Gold

Have a gold bracelet or necklace you love to wear? A women’s classic silicone ring provides a fantastic complement. Choose Black or Slate Grey for a classy look. To add some whimsy but still pull off a stylish, put-together look, go with Pink or Aqua Foxfire.


Pair with Silver

More of a silver person? You’ll love how our women’s classic purple sparkle ring shines when worn with any silver jewelry!

Be sure also to check out our women’s strata silicone ring designs. They’re extremely versatile, and many of them pair beautifully with diamond, gold, and silver jewelry.




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