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The Best Gifts For The Athlete In Your Life

They’re into fitness and you don’t know the difference between a carbohydrate and a calorie. Sound close to about right? It can be a natural divide between athletes and the rest of us. The desire to gift them something useful leads to an endless supply of gym bags and water bottles. This year, step outside of the box and get them something that they’ll really love. Here are five great ideas.

1. Silicone Rings

Even if they already have one, silicone rings are the perfect gift for the athlete in your life. Not only are they light as air and completely comfortable, but they’re also safer for an athlete’s fingers. Many athletes give up on wearing rings all together for comfort or safety reasons, so gifting a QALO silicone ring gives them the gift of jewelry that is usable in their lifestyle. Since our rings are so value-driven, they’re a simple gift to give. And if the athlete in your life already has a silicone ring, adding a new one gives the option of variety. Get started by exploring our tough Q2X series.

2. Body Composition Scan

Many athletes are chasing body goals. No matter if it’s a lower body fat percentage or a gain of lean muscle mass, almost every athlete has a body goal in mind. Body composition scans are a quick way to find out exactly where the body is at so that the training schedule can be altered to achieve the desired results. Many athletes will complete composition scans already, but the cost adds up. Gifting them a scan is a kindness. If they’ve never had a scan, consider gifting a series of two to four scans so that the athlete can track their progress over time. DEXA scans and BodPod analysis programs are a great place to start.

3. Bluetooth Earbuds

All of that time in the gym or on the field can become a drudgery. That’s why so many athletes use earbuds or headphones to listen to music while they train and practice. It helps with focus, clarity, and boredom. Giving the athlete in your life the ability to cut the cord and increase mobility will be greatly appreciated.

4. iTunes or Amazon Music Credit

Going right along with those earbuds or headphones, consider gifting music. You’ll need to know what platform they prefer first, but both iTunes and Amazon Music (the Android platform) offer gift cards. It’s the modern day answer to giving a CD.

5. A Massage

Help those aching bodies relax with a nice massage! Pretty much everyone loves receiving a free massage, but for the athlete in your life, it is a real kindness. Help them work out sore muscles or injuries while they relax! If you don’t have a massage salon already in mind, you can also use SpaFinder gift cards. They’ll allow the recipient to use one of the thousands of practitioners nationwide.

One last thought? Even the biggest gym shark likes to take a day off sometimes. Almost no athlete lives and breathes athletics 24/7. Don’t forget that there are other aspects to this person’s life as well. Don’t feel obligated to gift them something from the fitness sphere.