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    The Best New Year's Day Activities

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    The Best New Year's Day Activities

    Usually, we spend so much time preparing for New Year’s Eve celebrations, that we neglect to think about what we’d like our New Year’s Day to look like. If you’re looking for some low-key activities to do the day after the evening of festivities, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 great ways to spend New Year’s Day, whether you’ll be by yourself or with loved ones.

    1. Host a New Year’s Day Brunch

    Get family and friends together for a simple New Year’s Day brunch. Keep it relaxed by not having a rigid schedule so people can come and go as their schedules allow and ask everyone to bring a favorite dish, if they’d like. Set up a buffet style to make it easy for guests to help themselves and, to avoid a big clean up, use disposable plates and utensils. No one wants to start the new year having to clean a pile of dirty dishes! 

    2. Look Back and Look Ahead

    Whether on your own or with your family, New Year’s Day is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and write down recaps of the major events that occurred. Then think about what you’d like the next year to look like and have everyone list some of their hopes or goals for the new year. While you’re at it, get our Family Identity and Challenge Book to help your family craft its values and then make a plan for tackling some of the challenges in this book during the year.

    3. Read a Book

    Forget business and personal development books and read something just for fun. If you need (or want) to, head to your local bookstore and have fun browsing the new releases or the fiction section and pick a book that you can just read for pure enjoyment. If you have kids, you can do this as a family and have each family member pick out a new book - or pick a new family read-aloud book that everyone is excited about.

    4. Pack Away Christmas Decorations

    This is a good time to say goodbye to the holiday season by taking the ornaments off your tree and taking down any other holiday decorations. Pack them up nicely and put them away to reset the house and welcome a fresh start.

    5. Stay in Your Pajamas All Day

    Want to just lounge all day? That’s a perfect way to celebrate New Year’s Day in our books! Get up whenever you feel like it, stay in cozy pajamas all day, order pizza or Chinese food, watch your favorite movies and just relax. This is a great way to recharge and get ready for the new year ahead.

    If you plan on spending a good portion of the day cuddled up reading or lounging, you may want to treat yourself to one of our hand-made blankets. They’re the perfect companion for cozy days at home!


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