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The Dangers of a Wedding Ring

Written By: QALO Inc.

The Dangers of a Wedding Ring

If we told you to close your eyes and picture common household objects that are dangerous, what comes to mind? Chemical cleaners? Kitchen knives? Power tools? We’re almost certain your wedding ring didn’t make the list. Despite its innocent demeanor, there are many instances when wearing your wedding ring could be a recipe for disaster. Whether it’s an injury, an increased chance of losing your ring, or simply exposing the metal to damage, these common situations listed below are ones where you’ll likely want to slip that ring off and leave it on the dresser. 

Don’t Wear a Metal Wedding Ring for These Activities

- Swimming

Heavily chlorinated pool water can degrade precious stones like diamonds and can dull metal bands. Plus, if your ring slips off while swimming in a lake or ocean there’s little chance of recovering.

- Exercising

You’re likely fine if you plan to hit the treadmill and call it a day, but for intense workouts with free weights and cable equipment, your ring can get scratched or dented. Worse, it could get caught in a handle or cable and cause ring avulsion. Yikes!

- Cooking

Love to finely chop herbs, knead bread, or concoct a new signature sauce or marinade? Residue from sticky foods can build up underneath your ring and cause irritation, leading to contact dermatitis. Plus, food particles can cause your ring to look dull and feel sticky.

- Traveling

Those with a thirst for outdoor adventure when traveling — like surfing, ziplining, or bungee jumping — are certainly at risk of losing their ring or suffering serious injury. The best advice is to just leave your metal band at home. You don’t want that symbol of love causing a tragedy on your zip lining course!

- Showering

Wearing your ring in the shower is sure to dull its once-magnificent sparkle. Heavy-duty exfoliants and the act of scrubbing can seriously scratch and mark up the surface of your ring. If you leave your drain uncovered it can also slip right off and disappear into your plumbing!

- Cleaning

Washing dishes? A stray piece of cutlery in soapy water can scratch your ring, and getting your fingers wet can cause your ring to slip right into the garbage disposal. Cleaning the house? Harsh cleaning chemicals can damage the appearance of diamonds or precious stones.

A Safe Alternative: Silicone Rings

QALO silicone rings are designed to be snug and deliver a lightweight, comfortable fit that will make you forget there’s anything on your finger. Our stylish silicone rings don’t need to be removed for arduous activities like exercise or swimming, and they can resist scratches and damage.

Of course, during an extreme bench press or when you finally fly down that ziplining course your QALO ring might snap — they are designed to break in dangerous circumstances to protect your finger. 

Luckily we have a one time, any time warranty that covers broken, ripped, or torn QALO rings or dog identification tags at any point in their lifetime. Get a one-time replacement of your original product in the same style so you can charge forward to meet life’s greatest adventures without worrying if your ring is up to the challenge.


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