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    The Extreme Adventurers Vacation Bucket List

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    The Extreme Adventurers Vacation Bucket List

    If you're the adventurous type, we know you’ll be looking for exciting, adventure-packed vacations, rather than ones that have you chilling out and taking it easy most of the time. Are we right?

    Since we’re assuming that was a resounding, “YES!”, then you’ll want to look into a few of the popular extreme vacations below. These trips promise a whole lotta thrills and are sure to get your heart racing.

    Explore Famous Mountain Ranges

    If you aren't quite willing to pass through the death zone of Mt. Everest (called such because people lose their lives each year attempting this passage), which we don't blame you for, opt to take a trek to Everest Base Camp. While this isn't an easy option, it's much safer than climbing through an area dubbed the "death zone." Spend a few days hiking through Sagarmatha National Park with a view of the Himalayan mountain tops. Just be sure to carry all your trash out with you! 


    Top-notch skiers looking for even more of an adrenaline rush than they get from an average day on the slopes may just love the extreme winter sport of heli-skiing. You’ll be transported by helicopter to some of the highest (and otherwise inaccessible) peaks and, once at the top, you'll disembark from the helicopter with your guide and follow him or her down untouched slopes on challenging terrain to the pick-up spot. Some of the best spots for heli-skiing are in Alaska and Italy.


    Love snowboarding? Then you may find you love sandboarding too. This four-season extreme sport takes boarding from snow-covered slopes to desert landscapes. It can be as simple as hopping on a board and sliding down a dune to setting up challenging courses with jumps.

    For a truly thrilling experience, try sandboarding at Cerro Blanco near the Andes mountain range in Peru for the world's tallest sand dune. Check out the sandboarding experiences offered through Peru Adventure Tours.

    Shark Cage Diving

    Love diving? Fascinated by sharks? Then, shark cage diving will be right up your alley! Go deep-sea diving with sharks off the coast of Cape Point, South Africa. Apex Shark Expeditions runs half-day shark tours throughout the year to either Seal Island or Cape Point. Possible shark species you may encounter can include Seven-gill sharks, Mako Sharks, Blue sharks, and Great white sharks.

    Skydive the Grand Canyon

    Plan a skydiving adventure like no other at the Grand Canyon. Experience the thrill of free falling through the sky while simultaneously being enthralled by the breathtaking views the Grand Canyon offers. Paragon Skydive provides tandem skydives at the Grand Canyon National Park that both novice and expert skydivers will love.

    Add these extreme vacations to your bucket list and let us know in the comments which one you’re most excited to try first. And if you’ve gone on any of these adventures before, tell us what your experience was like!


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