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    Silicone Rings Take the Inc. 500 List

    Written By: Allison Vergara

    Silicone Rings Take the Inc. 500 List

    Hot off the press! QALO has earned spot #151 on Inc. Magazine's list of fastest-growing companies for 2018. As the first silicone ring company to make the list, we want to thank all of YOU for being a part of our #QALOfamily, and for allowing us to make this dream a reality. Let's take a look at what has gotten us to where we are today! 

    We Grew Quickly

    Over the past few years, we've seen our customer base grow exponentially! We love seeing our rings on so many people. All in all, QALO rings were designed with the goal of being able to show your commitment to your spouse, family, and adventure during your everyday routine and we love that this stands true with all of you, as well. We've found that our rings are great in a number of different professions: Firefighters, Police service members, Mechanics, Military personnel, Estheticians, Chefs, Farmers, and more. They're also the ideal ring for Athletes, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and Travelers. 

    We Moved to New Spaces & Gained Some New Faces

    With our growth, we’ve welcomed in new members to the QALO family. We started off with a few people in a tiny office and now we're up to around 70-80 employees. This includes new spouses, children, and of course - new office pets! All of this resulted in us outgrowing a few spaces. We moved from our small office in the circle in Orange, CA to our great new office space - where we are now. We also added in a fully functioning CrossFit gym and walk-in storefront. Be sure to come and visit if you're located near Santa Ana, CA! 

    We Teamed Up With Ambassadors Who Love QALO

    We know that our rings are pretty incredible, but we’re so very humbled by the ambassadors who have come forward to share their love for QALO with us. From firefighters and paramedics to surfers, track stars, and NFL quarterbacks, we’re so proud of our growing list of QALO ambassadors and supporters. A few names you might recognize include NFL Quarterbacks, Andy Dalton & Kirk Cousins, Country Musician, Jason Aldean & his wife, Brittany. Some of your favorite Reality TV Stars rock our rings, too, including Jade & Tanner Tolbert and Catherine & Sean Lowe. We can't forget our CrossFit Superstars, Chyna Cho, Christian Lucero, Jason Khalipa, & Julie Foucher. Plus, Dale Earnhardt Jr.! 

    We Partnered with Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations

    Over the course of the past five years, we’ve joined forces with some amazing philanthropic organizations that we are extremely passionate about. By working with these dedicated non-profit organizations, we’re able to commit to impacting the lives of so many in our communities. We’re proud of our “Barbells for Boobs” line, which supports breast cancer, as well as rings dedicated to causes close to our customers’ hearts including autism awareness. See more here

    We Introduced New Products

    QALO has expanded so much in just the past years! In addition to tons of new ring styles, colors, and custom engraving options, we recently launched our all-new Family Collection. Since QALO first started, our aim was to create a community and fuel a lifestyle centered around family - after all, that's how we live our lives. Our all-new collection is a reflection of our commitment to family, featuring silicone teething necklaces and hand-made Serape baby blankets for you & your little ones. 

    We’re thrilled to have had the honor to be named to Inc. Magazine's list of fastest-growing companies. But, we’re far from complacent and we’re not slowing down! We’ve got big things on the way and we’re excited to invite you to come along with us on some great new adventures! Thank you for being a part of the journey. 

    - The QALO Team


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