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The Force Is Strong With These #QALOdogs

Written By: Nicole Browning

The Force Is Strong With These #QALOdogs

May the 4th be with you! Star Wars Day is celebrated (when else?) on May 4th, but Star Wars fans have to wait seven more months for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Seeing how much we love rounding up our favorite pups from Instagram, we’re back to bring you 5 delightful #QALOdogs decked out in some iconic Star Wars costumes to hold you over until December. Take a quick break from answering emails or arguing about The Last Jedi and enjoy these absolutely adorable dogs.

Doesn’t the name say it all? Boba the Blue Heeler is a service pup in training, and is dressed up as their namesake bounty hunter. Don’t expect Boba to hunt for anything except for treats, kisses, and naps — “put the treats in the cargo hold.”


When you’re a blue merle Aussie named Leia it’s pretty clear what costume you’ll be wearing on Halloween. This adorable girl is rocking a fierce Leia ensemble from A New Hope and a Blush Floral Silicone ID Tag that totally matches her costume!

Give me lots of belly rubs, you will. Is there anything more adorable than a scruffy doggy dressed as everyone’s favorite 800-year-old green Jedi Master? We certainly don’t think so!

Our own David Whitaker thinks we love his work ethic and positive attitude, but really we just can’t get enough of his pup. Here she is looking like she’d be right at home on Endor. Thanks for reppin’ the Ewoks!

We know you weren’t expecting a second visit to Dagobah, but we can’t deny you this shot of the adorable blue frenchie Apollo in his own signature Yoda costume. The cutest lil’ guy in the galaxy, he is!

Use the hashtag #QALOdogs on Instagram to share pictures of your favorite dog. Are they dressed up as Chewbacca or Poe Dameron? Add the hashtag #StarWarsDay as well. And, as always — may the 4th be with you.


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