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    5 Locations That Inspired The Natural Stone Collection

    Written By: Chynna Carrera

    5 Locations That Inspired The Natural Stone Collection

    As we head into the warmer seasons, spring and summer bring the perfect weather for hiking, camping and enjoying mother nature’s beauty. From bright warm skies to star-gazing nights, why not set your sights high when planning your next adventure? Our favorite natural beauties come from the rocks and stones that make these campsites a true masterpiece. Rock structures that create canyons, rivers, and mountains are formed by erosion over millions of years that bring unique shapes, patterns, and colors.

    Each layer of rock tells the story of past environments that helped it form. Not only are the stones beautiful from the outside but can also contain precious stones, like crystals, on the inside. It’s no wonder why they are used in a variety of ways and why millions of people around the world come to visit these wonders in the wild. We’ve rounded up the best places for you to see just how these stones can take shape in nature, perfect for your next exploration with the family.


    Located near Springdale, Utah, Zion National Park is home to many different types of plants and animals. The 229 miles of towering stone walls and narrow canyons bring more than 4 million visitors per year, but don’t let the crowd phase you. The cliffs are still easy to see as the layers of rock hang above. Just taking over 150 million years to form, Zion, brings the perfect place to camp while watching layers of metazoic-aged rock come to life. With 3 campgrounds in the national park, you can plan your next trip to hike the 2.5 miles to Angel’s Landing to watch it all unfold.


    The first national park in the United States lies within three states, 96 percent in Wyoming, 3 percent in Montana, and 1 percent in Idaho, making it one of the largest national parks in the world. Sitting on top of Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano in the continent, the park reaches over 3,469 miles of beautiful land. Made up of natural stone from volcanic lava, this park is a sight to be seen. It’s lakes, canyon, and mountain ranges bring millions of visitors every year to see the unique formations and high waterfalls. With many campgrounds to choose from, you can see the geysers, formed by the heated rock below the surface, and miles of streams that bring water to many animals.


    To truly see stone come to life, Arches National Park in Utah highlights the wonder of natural stone. The 76,679-acre land is home to more than 2,000 natural sandstones. It sits on a salt bed, which is how the arches began to form over 65 million years ago. Water is the main reason for the shape of the environment due to rain eroding the rock that washes away into the Colorado River. These forces warped the sandstone and fractures tore through it making the pattern we see today. These natural wonders get over 1.6 million visitors per year. This high desert might be hot, but camping is available throughout the park to gaze at its beauty day and night.


    In the western Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National park shows off mile high granite cliffs to expose the beauty of stone formation. Close to 10 million years ago the Sierra Nevada, located in central California, was uplifted and tiled to shape its slopes. The park takes up over 76,956 acres and is also home to gigantic sequoias that bring over 4 million people from around the world every year. The perfect spot for camping, hiking, and to view amazing scenery, Yosemite is excellent for every family vacation.


    Carved by the Colorado River over 70 million years ago, the Grand Canyon’s landscape showcases the formation of natural stone. The river has exposed over two billion years of Earth’s geological history showing layers and layers of rock-crafted patterns. Layers of these mile-deep canyons express unique colors which is why it’s no surprise that over 5 million people visit each year. Watch the sun rise over the canyon or hear the different wildlife that inhabits the land, the Grand Canyon is a must-see for every adventurer.

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