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The Key Benefits of Silicone Dog Tags

Written By: Melody Erhuy

The Key Benefits of Silicone Dog Tags

We’re so very excited to introduce our newest family line item. Our customizable silicone dog tags are a great gift item for your pup this holiday season. Here’s a look at the main benefits that a silicone tag offers that a metal tag simply doesn’t.

No Noise

Because there is no metal, you won’t encounter the noise of a pet’s tag clanging gains their food bowl or other metallic items. These tags are pure medical grade silicone. That even includes the loop that connects the tag to the collar. The only metal component is the tiny loop that hooks the tag to the collar itself. No metal means no noise.

Won’t Lose Their Shape

We started to say that our silicone pet tags won’t bend. But then we realized that’d be misleading. Because these tags do bend. In fact, they bend a lot. That’s the beauty of silicone. What’s special about our tags − is that they’ll always snap back to their original shape and size. No rough edges or bent corners to worry about.


Who doesn’t love a pet tag that tells a story? A QALO pet tag is unique. Not only can you select a shape and scene that is unique to your pet, but you can also customize your tag with your pet’s name, your phone number, and even whether or not your pet is microchipped. This allows anyone who may find your pet to not only call him by name (which is great for a stressed out pet) but also to know how best to get your pet back to you.


Some metal pet tags can be downright heavy. That’s not the case with a silicone pet tag. Since they’re made from lightweight silicone, they’ll always be light as air. This is especially great for small breeds or dainty collars.

Temperature Neutral

No matter if it’s a hot summer hike in the desert or a cold romp in the snow, your pet’s collar stays temperature neutral when they’re wearing silicone. That’s because silicone can withstand a wide range of temperatures without transferring those temperatures to your pet’s skin.

One more thought? These dog tags don’t have to be used on just your pooch. They’re great on any of your pets. From cats and horse bridles to bunnies and even goats! Add a touch of color to any collar.

And don’t stop at pets! These make a great backpack or laptop identifiers, too. Putting your name and phone number on your personal or your child’s backpack is a great security measure!


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