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The National Spouse's Day Challenge

If you’re looking for the perfect way to show your spouse how much they mean to you, and don’t want to wait until the middle of February to do it, we’ve got great news!

January 26th of each year is designated as “Spouse’s Day.” The day is designed as a time to recognize and celebrate the benefits of being in a long-term and committed relationship. In general, unlike Valentine’s Day, this holiday is designated as a non-gift giving holiday. Instead, couples are encouraged to spend time together remembering the road that their unique journey as taken.  

When thinking about this, we wanted to come up with a list of activities that you could do with your spouse to mark the special day. But the more we thought about it, the more we decided that activities might be a distraction from the purpose of this day, which is reflection. So, instead, we thought we’d issue you a challenge.

This year on January 26, we encourage you and your spouse to carve out some time to be alone together. Turn off all of the distractions around you. That means a babysitter, no TV, no internet, and certainly no phones. Take the time to really see your spouse. Psychologists say that silently staring into the eyes of your spouse for just 20 seconds straight can elicit a feeling of unity and understanding between partners. So, start there. Hold hands, and for at least 20 seconds, really see one another. Maybe for the first time in years.

After that, take some time to share your favorite memories of your relationship. Talk about the highs and the lows; talk about the things that made you grow together as a single unit. Talk about what you’ve overcome, and what goals you have for your future.

Finally, embrace one another. Science tells us that just 20 minutes of hand-holding or cuddling can release as many “feel-good” hormones as any drug on the market. This relieves stress and increases the bond that you feel with your spouse.

The history and foundation of this nationally recognized day is sparse, and we couldn’t find much to share with you. That said, we did find a collection of hashtags on social media showing couples celebrating #NationalSpousesDay. We’d love to see how you spend the day with your spouse! Don’t forget to tag us @QALO!