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A Touch of Camo: Camo Is Making a Comeback!

Written By: Allison Vergara

A Touch of Camo: Camo Is Making a Comeback!

Forget the LBD, the new must-have item for your wardrobe is camo!

You read that right, the fashionistas and trendsetters say it’s true; camo is making a comeback!

Once the uniform of outdoorsmen alone, today camouflage items are popping up all over the fashion world. While the trend started popping up in Spring of 2018, it’s only now gaining full force and becoming a statement piece for men and women.

And, at least according to GQ Magazine, it doesn’t have to be just the green and tan type. Turns out that bright, bold camo is just as hot as the tried and true green type, and we’re thrilled to see all of it. So, how do you pull it off? Here’s a peek.

Go Big or Go Home

Camo can be intimidating. You might want to start by hiding the bold print behind a solid overshirt or working in a touch of camo. Experts say that’s not the way to do it. Pick a bright, bold color and plaster it on an entire shirt or pant. Balance it with a solid, sure, but don’t try to hide it.

It’s All About Balance

Balance is key to pulling off this trend. Don’t go head-to-toe camo. You’ll look like you’re in Army fatigues. Instead, feel free to show some skin. An arm or a lower leg works just fine. Balance it by contrasting fits. If you’re wearing baggy camo pants, make sure your top is fitted. Finally, balance the bold print with a solid top. It doesn’t have to be just white, black, or army green (although these are great choices)  neon works just as well. Bright colors are a way to play with the style and make it fun and original!


Since camo is generally thought of as a male trend, if you’re a lady, start by throwing some accessories at the look. Metal chains and heavy necklaces work well.

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, you should absolutely wear camo in unexpected places, and what is less expected than a finger? Throw on a QALO camouflage ring to tie everything together. With options in Classic Camo and Arctic Blue Camo, you’ll have plenty of basics to get you started. Get intricate with a camo twist on our popular Strata line for something truly unique! Shock the entire collection, here.

Show us your camo on social media! Don’t forget to tag us! @QALO 



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