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The NFL Super Bowl Ring & Silicone Rings

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The NFL Super Bowl Ring & Silicone Rings

Talk to any NFL player about the ring they covet most and, unsurprisingly, they’ll likely tell you about a Super Bowl Ring.

If you’ve never seen one before, an NFL Super Bowl Championship ring is a thing of beauty. More art than practical jewelry, these things fit – literally- hundreds of diamonds into a single ring. They often carry a value well over 30k.

But today, in honor of the Super Bowl, we want to talk about the other ring that NFL players are racing after. And unlike those Super Bowl Championship rings, you can actually score one of these for yourself, too. 

We’re talking about QALO rings. We estimate that at least 100 NFL players are currently sporting a QALO, and many more are in on the trend but haven’t quite found our brand yet. 

Why the interest in a $25-$40 silicone ring when they could afford anything in the jeweler’s case?


It all comes down to commitment and safety.

For many NFL athletes, the risk of wearing their traditional metal rings on the field just isn’t worth the risk. One jammed knuckle or snagged finger and their career could be over. So for years, many athletes elected to go ring-free. This didn’t sit well with many of them, as it gave a false impression of availability to female fans, and didn’t represent their commitment to their wives.

QALO silicone rings are the perfect answer.

A tough, lightweight, and breakable ring that showcased their commitment to their wives without putting their fingers at unnecessary risk. And the rest was history.

Cincinnati Bengal’s QB Andy Dalton has been a loud voice in the silicone ring movement. His story inspired Minnesota Viking's quarterback Kirk Cousins to make the switch to silicone. Oakland Raiders’ Derek Carr and Philadelphia Eagles’ Nick Foles and Carson Wentz round out the list of other A-List quarterbacks sporting QALO on gameday.

Other notable NFL stars sporting QALO include Zach Ertz (Eagles), Eric Decker (Titans), Jordy Nelson (Raiders), David Johnson (Cardinals), and Patrick Peterson (Cardinals). Veteran QB turned ESPN announcer, Dan Orlovsky, also proudly wears QALO.

Ready to show your NFL support? We thought that you might be! Why not head over to our stackable collection and design a unique stack that shows off your team pride by showcasing team colors? And hey, let’s hear it for a great game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams!

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