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The QALO Team: Kevin's Anniversary Adventure

Written By: Melody Erhuy

The QALO Team: Kevin's Anniversary Adventure

When practicality takes over, Kevin, QALO’s Senior E-commerce Coordinator, realized that travel is as much about the process as it is about the destination. Check out this exciting adventure, inspired by Kevin’s one year wedding anniversary!

Instead of saving our money to buy plane tickets somewhere exotic, Kevin and his wife Regina decided to invest in a Tepui Tent. These are the kind of tents that attach to the top of a truck. The idea of investing in something that could be used forever was all of the motivation that they needed to take the plunge. So, once the tent was purchased, there was just one question left. Where next?

Since the couple had already ventured up and down the California coast, they decided that this trip needed to be bigger. They set a pretty epic goal of covering multiple states and taking in all of the sights along the way. The itinerary included:

- The South Rim Of The Grand Canyon, Arizona 

- Three Nights in Monument Valley, Utah 

- Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado 

- Canyonlands National Park, Utah 

- Two Nights at the North Rim Of The Grand Canyon, Arizona 

- Zion National Park, Utah 

For Kevin and Regina, the love of adventure is born out of a feeling of rejuvenation gained from stepping outside of their normal routine. For them, there is just something about planning, packing up, and hitting that open road that allows all the stress of everyday life to melt away.

That release, paired with the love of having stories to share with friends and family to get them excited about getting outside is enough to keep the adventure fire burning strong. It’s a motivating factor that started when their own grandparents would share their wild adventures. To Kevin, there is just something about exploring that invites a sense of humility and appreciation to life.  
As any adventurer will tell you, there will ALWAYS be some sort of hardship along the trail! On this trip, however, the biggest hardship happened before the truck was even in gear.
A change in the weather caused a last-minute route change! The original plan had the pair traveling all the way up to Glacier National Park, and the necessity to cut this leg of the trip was sad. Silver lining? The additional free time allowed them to really take their time and soak up the sights.   

While the entire trip stands out to Kevin as being memorable and without a single dull moment, there is one moment that will become the one that the family recalls for decades. During breakfast in The Valley of The Gods, Kevin felt a little fuzzy and started to realize he was having an allergic reaction to something!
The pair knew that they had to get Kevin checked out if they wanted to be certain that they could continue the rest of our trip, so they headed right into Colorado. Thankfully, everything worked out fine, and Kevin was safe. The upside to it all was that the reaction allowed the couple to happen upon Durango, Colorado. The destination was a standout place for the couple, and would have been missed entirely if not for the allergic reaction!
Kevin says there are a few tips for those hoping to take on a similarly epic road trip. Among them? Don't over plan, so that you have time for unexpected side excursions. Slow down so that you can soak everything in, and plan on keeping a journal so that you don’t forget the fun details or crazy moments along the road.


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