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The Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Nurses & Doctors

Written By: Melody Erhuy

The Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Nurses & Doctors

They take care of others all year long, and all that you want to do is show them how appreciated they are. We hear you. But it can be a challenge to give a gift to someone who spends all of their time serving others. They rarely put themselves first and share what they would like to have. So, we’ve looked into it for you. Here are our five favorite gifts for the doctors, nurses, and emergency medical technicians in your life.

1. QALO Silicone Rings

This suggestion is more than a shameless self-plug, we promise. Doctors and nurses work with their hands all day long. In their profession, fingers are crucial. They need to have maximum mobility, flexibility, and comfort. They also have to keep in mind that metals on their hands could bother the sensitive skin of their patients. That’s why soft, strong, flexible, safe, beautiful QALO rings are a favorite among caregivers. Shop our best sellers, here. And if you’re shopping for a paramedic, our “Thin White Line” collection is a must.

2. SpaFinder Cards

Take care of those who take care of others with these unique gift cards that allow the recipients to find a local spa of their choosing and then treat themselves to a spa service. Yes, we know that gift cards and cash are typically regarded as the gifts that say, “I don’t really know you.” But we beg you to look at it a little differently right now. Doctors and nurses devote their lives to helping others feel better. Giving the Spa-Finder gift cards allows you to let them treat themselves to a little TLC. This gift says that you see how hard they work, and you want to help them relax.

3. Attractive Badge Holders

Most medical professionals are required to wear an identification badge at all times. It’s part of their uniform. Imagine being forced to wear a uniform that was bland and so far from your personal style. No fun, right? This year, treat the nurse or doctor in your life to an upgraded badge holder! You can look into designer lanyard cases, or even more affordable practical retractable badge reels like this one.

4. Thick Socks

Who likes to get socks for Christmas??? Nurses, that’s who. These are people who spend all day on their feet. If the nurse in your life wears scrubs and sneakers like many do, try finding some plush socks. They’ll really help keep the foot comfortable. This is an affordable gift that many won’t think to buy for themselves, but will be so appreciated. You don’t have to choose nurse specific socks, no stethoscopes needed, just aim for thick, comfortable, and soft.

5. Personalized Scrubs

Find a sneaky way to ask before you purchase, but if company dress code allows it, personalized scrubs are a fun way to dress up the sometimes bland dress code that most nurses have to keep. Adding a nickname or favorite symbol will really bring a smile to the face and make the nurses and doctors in your life feel special.

One last thought? Say thank you. These people work hard all year long, and sometimes this is a job that can feel a bit like a thankless endeavor. Offering a sincere thanks and a hug for the hours that they log taking care of others is free, and will certainly make the nurse or doctor in your life feel loved.


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