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    The Top Professions Perfectly Suited for Silicone Rings

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    The Top Professions Perfectly Suited for Silicone Rings

    While silicone rings are perfectly suited for the hands of everyone, there are some professions that really benefit from the lightweight, flexible, safety provided by a silicone ring. Most people assume that, when we talk about professions best suited for silicone rings, we’re talking about members of the military, athletes, and public servants. We are. But we’re also talking about a host of other professions. Here’s a look at our five favorite professions who should be wearing a silicone ring right now.

    Construction Workers

    Working with your hands in construction means that your fingers are going to come across a lot of uneven surfaces. Sometimes in a split second, instinctive decisions need to be made to avoid falling, or to avoid being hit by machinery. That means that your fingers need to be safe. There is no better way to keep your fingers safe than with a silicone ring. That’s because if your ring gets snagged on an uneven nail, it will stretch and eventually give way. It will break so that your finger does not.


    Another hand intensive profession, mechanics often work with small parts, oils, and temperatures that can range greatly. That’s why a silicone ring is a perfect fit for you. Since silicone rings are non-conductive and give way when placed under extreme pressure, your fingers will feel safer while working on an engine or when you’re elbow deep in automotive fluids. Your ring won’t slide off and it won’t discolor either.


    Silicone rings are non-conductive. Unlike metal, electrical currents won’t travel through the ring. The makes it the ring of choice for men and women working around temperature and electrical currents. On top of that, they’re also available in bright colors, helping them to stand out against color coded wires.


    Kids are anything but predictable. Educators have to be versatile and quick on their toes to keep up. That’s why a silicone ring is a perfect gift for your favorite teacher. They’re comfortable and light as air. They’re unassuming on the finger, making it easy to slide the ring on and forget about it. That way you can focus on what really matters − your class.


    Hot and cold. Oil and sauce. Lots of quick moving parts. When it comes to the perfect storm for a finger injury, cooks have it all. Finding a ring that won’t transfer temperature, won’t be stained due to oils, solvents used in cleaning, and sauces, and is light as air is the trifecta for the perfect ring for a cook. That’s why so many love their QALO silicone rings.

    Ready to ring up? We suggest starting with our Q2X line. They’re the toughest silicone on the market, and only available at QALO. Check them out, here.


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