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The Traverse Ring

We’re beyond ecstatic to introduce you to our latest design: The Traverse Ring. This new ring design is an ultra-modern spin on our original silicone ring design, featuring super stylish intricate diagonal grooves all along the ring’s exterior. Men’s sizes are available in black, charcoal and sage and women’s sizes come in magenta, teal, and violet. All the colors are fabulous and we honestly can’t pick a favorite!

If you’re still deciding on which silicone ring to buy, this design is a fantastic choice that won’t disappoint. You’ll love the comfortable style and flexibility that goes wherever you go without hindering your active lifestyle in any way. And if you’re already a proud QALO ring wearer? You’ll definitely want to add this new design to your collection - sometimes, FOMO is real!

As always, we highly value our customers and would love to hear your thoughts about the traverse ring design. It means the world to us that we have a community who shares our values and appreciates stylish designs that are practical and add to our active lifestyles.