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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Wedding Season

Written By: KC Holiday

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Wedding Season

It’s June, which means your summer calendar is filling up with weddings. It shouldn’t be a surprise — according to WeddingWire the five most popular months for weddings are all in summer and early fall. We know you love all of your friends, cousins, classmates, and coworkers, but the key to getting through the season without spending a fortune is finding unique wedding gifts that are decently affordable.

This often means straying from the wedding registry to find the best wedding gifts that are useful and wholly original. Make an impression this wedding season with these QALO wedding gift ideas:

A Fun Adventure

Three out of four people prefer experience gifts to physical items, and the reasons why should be obvious: objects break or fade away, while an experience is a cherished memory forever. Recent experiences that are big hits include thrills like escape rooms or cross-city scavenger hunts. Explore Groupon to see what exciting adventure gifts you can find in the new couple’s hometown or at their honeymoon destination.

A Day of Relaxation

Of course, your experience gift doesn’t need to be something active or out-of-the-box. Give your newlyweds something they’ll be craving once the wedding planning is finally over — a chance to relax! Spa or massage packages will give the couple time away from the stress of juggling family demands, vendor requests, and an ever-ballooning budget. There’s nothing like a mud bath or a hot stone massage to melt the stress away.

Robot Vacuums

Who doesn’t love a clean home? Between adventuring out for their honeymoon and embracing life as a new couple, daily life can get a bit chaotic for your newlywed friends and family. Help them keep their space tidy without lifting a finger with a helpful Roomba vacuum. It’s an investment, but their peace of mind and endless appreciation will be worth every penny!

QALO Silicone Rings

Sure, the couple will probably have a fresh pair of traditional wedding rings, but if they live an active lifestyle they won’t want to get their fancy wedding bands scratched or damaged right after their I do’s. Give them the gift of Q2X™ silicone rings for him and her so they can hit the trail, the gym, or the surf without worrying about affecting their new metal rings.

A Registry Gift

Couples-to-be create registries for a reason — they’re starting a new life together, and the household items and gifts on their registry are the fundamental gifts that will make their next chapter smooth and enjoyable. One option is to claim something on their registry and then add a personalized spin. If they request something mundane like bath towels, maybe you can order a customized towel set with their wedding date embroidered along the border.

Using this lift of fun wedding gifts you can figure out the perfect gift for every couple exchanging vows this summer. Now get your hair done, don your favorite dress or suit, and rock this wedding season!


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