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The Ultimate QALO Gift Guide

Written By: Melody Erhuy

The Ultimate QALO Gift Guide

Ready to kick off your holiday shopping? This year we issue you a challenge. Can you get all of your family shopping done in one place? Can you do it for under $200? We wager that you can, indeed! Here’s how to shop for the top six people in your household, right here at QALO.

1. For Dad

Dads are hands on. From great big bear hugs to tools in the workshop, most dads have dirt under their nails and love in their hearts. For dad, we recommend a Q2X silicone ring. They’re just as tough as he is, but just like dad, these are rings that are designed to bend and give way when needed. They’re the toughest silicone ring on the market, and available in several attractive colors.

2. For Mom

Mom is gentle, loving, and incredibly fashion forward. She is also tough as nails and stands strong with what she believes in. That’s why we believe she’ll love a silicone ring from the Strata collection. Designed by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy, these rings feature delicate cutout designs and two-toned silicone for a look that is one of a kind. Choose the new Love script Strata ring to show mom just how loved she is.

3. For Baby

Let’s start with the youngest member of the family. For the baby in the family, we’re happy to present silicone teething necklaces from our family collection. While it is true that these are made to be worn by an adult, they encourage close interaction and cuddles, all while soothing the pain of teething. They’re also available in fun colors and designs that you won’t mind wearing at all. And, since they’re made from medical grade silicone, you can feel confident in their purity and safety.

4. For Big Sister

Or big brother, we suppose. Let’s talk about kids that are too old for teething necklaces, but not quite old enough for their own silicone ring. For the young child or toddler in your home, consider a super soft QALO Sherpa Blanket. These fashionable blankets are warm, sturdy, and made for the outdoors. To top it off, you can even have your child’s favorite blanket customized with his or her name or nickname. This will become an heirloom piece for sure. 

5. For Big Brother

Or big sister! Let’s talk about your teenaged child. The one who might be too cool for jewelry, but isn’t in need of a lovely blanket, either. This is where our apparel and accessories section shines. With everything from tees, tanks, and hats − you’re able to showcase your child’s love for an individual fashion that blends comfort with commitment. You’ll also find zippable backpack pouches and stickers to adorn your child’s binders and gear cases. With an average cost under $20, this is an easy choice!

6. For the Family Pet

We haven’t forgotten about the pets! Since they’re members of your family as well, we are proud to offer silicone pet tags. They’re soft, flexible, and full color, making them unique and special – just like your pet. You can customize the tag with your dog’s name and your home phone number, making it easy to get a lost pet home. While these are great for dogs, they’re also ideal for cats, horses, and even bunnies. If your pet has a collar − our ID tags are the right fit.

Total bill? $190

OK, So maybe the above family isn’t an exact duplicate of yours, but we think you get the message. This year you can knock out a lot of your holiday shopping from the comfort of your couch. And when you shop QALO first, you’ll get everyone something that they love without breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for? Get started by browsing our sale, here.


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