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This Summer, Choose Adventure - Not Avulsion

When it comes to summer, it’s all about adventure! No matter if it’s on the trails, the ropes, or deep in the sand, summer means getting outside and into nature. While it’s good for our bodies and souls to get outdoors and explore, that doesn’t mean that it’s risk-free.

There are some dangers that you’re expecting. That’s why you wear sunscreen, use bug spray, and always choose appropriate footwear on hikes. But some dangers are less obvious. Ring avulsion is a condition that happens when your ring becomes caught on something stationary, but your body remains in motion. The result can be anything from a broken bone, to a finger that has had skin and muscle tripped away from the bone, and even accidental amputation of a finger.

This can happen during multiple types of outdoor activities. Zip-lining, rope climbing, rock climbing, and mountaineering seem obvious. But this could also happen on a day hike. Imagine tripping and catching your hand on a vine, whip, or rock. It could happen, and you could wind up with more than a few bruises as a result. Ring avulsion could happen when you least expect it. Typically, most cases of ring avulsion are reported from everyday tripping accidents. Here’s how QALO can help.

QALO rings are made to move with you. This means that your ring will stretch if it’s caught on something, giving you the opportunity to notice the snag before it becomes dangerous. If you’re moving quickly, however, your QALO is designed to break free of your finger. If this happens, your ring might be busted, but your finger is intact. QALO was made with the intention of getting outdoors. Functional, beautiful, and safe, your silicone rings allows you to showcase your commitment without putting your fingers at risk.

So this summer when you’re out there catching waves, hiking hills, or running after little ones, you can ensure you are safe from any summertime spoilers by using QALO rings. We recommend swapping out your traditional metal rings for silicone ones when you’re adventuring this summer. Why not start with our Q2X line, designed to be the strongest silicone ring out there, and only available at QALO.

Photography By: Nolan Berg