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    Tips To Stay Cool at Hot Summer Weddings

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Tips To Stay Cool at Hot Summer Weddings

    Summer season is wedding season! It’s also sweltering hot season. Many couples choose summer for florals in full bloom, great weather, and ease of vacation travel. We understand why you chose summer for your big day! However, what many couples sometimes forget to consider are their guests and bridal party members who will have to sit in the heat for a long time in order to be a part of the day. Here are 5 tips for keeping it cool for your hot weather weddings this summer.

    Too Cool for School

    Forget the candles and cheesy party favors that most brides gravitate towards. Give your guests something useful that they’ll really appreciate. How about some custom printed sunglasses? Not only will everyone look amazing in reception photos, no one will be left squinting to see the ceremony.

    Cool Their Jets

    If your ceremony is outside, think before you pick your seats. Yes, plastic and metal chairs are the economy option and offer a certain look for your ceremony. But they can also get blazing hot under that summer sun. If you’re going to ask your guests to sit outside, be kind. Opt for chairs that have a fabric cover or seat pad made from cotton.

    Bottoms Up

    Offer your guests a cold drink when they arrive. While ice cold champagne is very fancy, it doesn’t have to be an expensive drink to serve your purpose. Glasses of lemonade, iced tea, or even bottles of water can go a long way to keeping guests cool, happy, and hydrated during the ceremony.

    Reception Kits

    Help your guests and bridal party freshen up after spending the ceremony in the sun. Place bowls of hair ties, mini deodorant sticks, and fresh wipes in the bathrooms to help them feel their best.

    Perfectly Powdered

    This one is for you. Skip over liquid makeup. The heat will make it melt, and could lead to some less than flattering photos. Instead, choose powdered foundations, shadows, and blushers. And always use a makeup primer first.

    One final beat-the-heat tip for you, your bridal party, and your groom? Save the traditional metal wedding bands for after the ceremony. Since metal conducts heat, it can make your finger really hot. Not only that, but since heat causes your fingers to swell, getting that band on your finger could be difficult, and leave your groom with some real anxiety. Instead, pick out some silicone wedding bands for your big day. Choose something from the Forever line for yourself and your spouse, and spice up the wedding party’s hands with stackables in your wedding colors!


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