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Tips to Staying Active & Breaking the Netflix Cycle

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Tips to Staying Active & Breaking the Netflix Cycle

Getting back to school doesn’t have to mean that the active summer lifestyle your family has been enjoying has to end. It just takes a little more effort now that the days (and your free time) are shrinking by the day.

Most parents admit that screen time, specifically Netflix and YouTube screen time, spikes when kids go back to school. And we understand the draw. It’s relaxing, easy, and addicting. Here are five simple tips to break the screen time cycle and stay active this fall.

1. Set a Schedule

It is super simple to get sucked into watching an entire season of a show in a single sitting. Break out by having a strict bedtime, and a hard line on your bedtime routine. Replace watching TV while in bed with reading to prepare your mind for rest.

2. Charge Your Phone Elsewhere

Many people watch Netflix on their phones. Many people also charge their phones by their beds. Try moving your overnight charging station to a room where you do not sleep. This creates a natural, physical barrier between your eyes, hands, and a full season of Orange is the New Black.

3. Pick up a New Hobby

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to knit? Or perhaps you’re itching to try your hand at yoga. Whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to try, make it a priority. Whenever you feel the desire to watch more TV than you know you should, it becomes easier to walk away when you have a designated place to walk. Especially if it’s something that you’re excited to learn about or try.

4. Find a Sponsor

Some studies show that the effects of binge-watching television are not much different from other addictive activities. If you’re turning down chances at meaningful activities with friends or family in exchange for watching more TV, it’s time to admit that you may have a problem and start making choices to get things back in control. Ask a loved one if you can call them when you feel like you’re watching too much TV, and ask them to call you if you haven’t done it in a while. Having an accountability buddy makes changing any bad behavior easier.

5. Cancel Netflix

If you find that nothing you try makes a big impact on cutting down on your Netflix hours, try canceling your subscription. It doesn’t have to be forever, but taking a brief break can help you reset your mind and your binging tendencies.

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