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    Tips & Tricks to Bedtime

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Tips & Tricks to Bedtime

    The day has ended and the parents are ready to emotionally check out for the evening. But there’s a problem. The kids have a different idea entirely of what the ideal, relaxing evening looks like. If you’re struggling to get kids into bed, know that you’re not alone. This is a common stress point for parents. It’s especially common among parents of young kids. Here are 4 no-fail tips to beat the bedtime blues.

    Be A Team

    Change the mood of bedtime entirely by allowing your kids to have a say in how it happens. Make a bedtime plan together that you can both agree on. Doing this will let your kids feel like they have a say in what’s happening to them, and relieve some of the frustration of being forced to do something that they don’t like doing. The plan should include how early the routine needs to start, and what sorts of things it needs to include. When kids feel like their opinion matters, you’ll find that they’re more agreeable in general.

    Turn The Screens Off

    The science behind screen time is rarely favorable. The research about screen time before bed is downright scary. Turns out it’s harder to get to sleep, harder to stay asleep, and more difficult to get quality sleep when you have screen time to close to bed. The experts say a policy of screens off about 60 minutes before lights out is best. And this applies to moms and dads, too.

    Big Hugs

    Physical touch has been proven to be calming for humans. No matter how old we are, a kind embrace is calming and relaxing. We’re sure that hugs are a part of your bedtime already, but have you considered hugging a favorite stuffed animal? What about blowing raspberries on your child’s stomach? By blending a comforting touch with a bit of silliness, you set the mood for peaceful rest while giving a final touch of happiness before sleep. This can help keep bad dreams at bay.

    Be Consistent

    Once you develop a routine, stick to it. Even if you’re running late one night and there really isn’t time for a bedtime story. If it’s part of your agreed upon plan, make sure you do it every night. The routine aspect will train your child’s body to release melatonin and encourage a seamless shift from an active mind to a restful mind.

    Do you have a secret bedtime weapon? We’re sure other parents would love to hear about it. Tweet it to us @QALORing.


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