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Top Trending QALO Styles for Men

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Top Trending QALO Styles for Men

We always have an eye on trends and fashion at QALO. While we believe that true style is timeless and classic, we also love the idea of staying on top of what is evolving and trending in jewelry fashions. Because silicone rings are cost-effective by design, it’s simple to build a jewelry wardrobe of both classic and trendy pieces. So, are you up to date on current trends? Here are our top-trending men’s silicone rings.

Men’s Black Step Edge Q2X

This is classic meets trendy with no doubt. The clean lines of the step edge are similar to a classic metal ring, but with enough of a twist to make it distinctly different. The black is a traditional color, and the addition of our exclusive Q2X ™ material means that your ring is tough as nails.

Men’s Black Q2X

For some men, the expression that fits is, “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.” That’s where our black Q2X ™ comes in. It ’s a classic line and shape in a traditional color, but still with that exclusive Q2X ™ material that takes more pressure than a standard silicone ring, and is ten times more resistant to absorption of common solvents.

Men’s Strata Sage and Burnt Orange

The Strata Collection is trendy on the whole. Exclusive to QALO, these rings offer laser cut designs that are both strong, yet very delicate. Offered in complimentary colors, the combination of sage green and burnt orange is masculine and modern at the same time. But if these colors aren’t for you, not to worry, you can customize any Strata ring, right here.

Men’s Dark Grey Step Edge

Offering that classic line in a less severe color, the dark grey Step Edge QALO is always a favorite!

Unisex Brush Camo Modern

In case you haven’t heard, camo is back! It is on the fashion runways and the streets of your city. We've recently launched a modern brushed camo ring. And we were thrilled to see that it was a hit with customers, too. Bonus points for the fact that it looks just as great on men as it does on women.

What’s the next big trend? No one ever really knows for certain. But we do know that when it hits, we’ll be right there, making it comfortable, affordable, and simple to get on your hand.


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