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Travel Packing Tips & Tricks

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Travel Packing Tips & Tricks

Remember the days when you were allowed to check your luggage on a plane for free? Seems like a lifetime ago. These days it’s even becoming a rare thing to find an airline that allows you to bring a carry-on bag for free. With baggage fees popping up left and right, we thought it might be helpful to take a moment and talk about how to pack more effectively for your next trip. Here are four tips that will save time, space, and money!

Wear the Big Stuff

If you’re going to need a coat where you’re headed, don’t you dare pack it in your suitcase! That is a lot of wasted space right there! Instead, carry your coat onto the plane. Not only can you cover up with it if you get cold, but you can usually put it in the overhead storage pretty easily. Some airplanes even have closet space for coats. If you’re traveling with kids, we love the idea of taking a familiar blanket for comfort. Our customizable Sherpa blanket is a great idea! Just like your coat, leave this item out of your bag and on your body. 

Pack What You WILL Use, Not What You MIGHT Use

Don’t pack toiletries until the morning of your trip. If your hand doesn’t touch it during your normal morning routine, chances are, you won’t need it during your trip. The same goes for clothes and entertainment items. You can save a lot of space and hassle by packing the things that you know you’ll want to use several times. You’ll likely never miss the “maybe” items that we all tend to pack and then never use.

Pack Nuterual Colors that Are Interchangeable

Put those zebra-striped pants back in your drawer. You can save a lot of space in your bag by packing lightweight items that are easily interchangeable. Choose shirts and pants that work well with each other. You can create whole new outfits by adding a vest or a scarf and sticking to neutral colors allows you to stretch your combination possibilities even further. Get your color from accessories, not from your staple wardrobe items.

Plan Your Travel Outfit Around Your Shoes

Shoes are heavy. Shoes take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Shoes are smelly. That’s three strikes, so your shoes are out. Most people prefer to fly in shoes that are lightweight and easy to take on and off at security check-points. We encourage you to do the exact opposite. Save space and weight in your bag by wearing your largest, heaviest shoes through the airport. Then plan your outfit to match your shoes, not the other way around.  

One last word of advice? Avoid the temptation to be extra fancy on vacation. So many people pack their finest jewelry when they travel, and thieves know it. If your finery isn’t stolen, imagine how heartbroken you’d be if you lost or damaged your favorite jewelry while on holiday? Not to mention wearing a 15-carat diamond ring paints you as a tourist pretty quickly in most travel hotspots, opening you up to con-men and pickpockets.

Instead, leave the gold and diamonds at home and pack items that are durable and won’t make you stand out in a crowd for all of the wrong reasons. Instead of your diamonds, reach for your QALO. You could even purchase a new Strata Collection QALO and customize it with the date of your trip!


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