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Valentine's Day DIY: QALO Pyramid Gift Box

Written By: Nicole Browning

Valentine's Day DIY: QALO Pyramid Gift Box

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! The day is all about showing the ones near and dear to us how much they mean to us... and what better way to do so than with a personalized gift! With our NEW Design Your Own QALO option, you can include a custom engraving of your choice on the interior or exterior of your QALO. Choose a word, phrase, or date that means the most to you and your Valentine and give them a gift they'll never forget! Make the gift even more special by creating this DIY pyramid box, sized perfectly to fit a QALO ring. Time to spread the love! 

Here's what you'll need:

Cardstock Paper
Hole Punch
Twine or Ribbon 
Filler (We used crinkle cut paper) 


    Step 1: 

    Cut your cardstock into a perfect square. We measured ours to 7.5" X 7.5". Measure and draw (ideally, with a pencil so that you can erase later) a 3 X 3 grid onto the cardstock. With the 7.5" X 7.5" sized cardstock, each square should be 2.5".

    Step 2: 

    Cut out the corner squares. 

    Step 4: 

    Mark the center of each external tab and draw diagonal lines to the center (to create a triangle - shown in photo). 

    Step 5: 

    Cut oval shape around the drawn triangles. Fold and crease along the lines. 

    Step 6: 

    Hole punch all four corners at the point of the triangles. 

    Step 7: 

    Stuff with filler and your QALO ring. The QALO neoprene bag fits perfectly! 

    Step 8: 

    Thread twine or ribbon through each hole punched tab and pull all the sides together to form your pyramid. Tie it in a bow to hold it all together. 

    The Final Step: 

    Hand it to your Valentine! Be sure to share your Pyramid Gift Box with us by posting on your personal social media accounts and using #QALOring. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! XOXO 

    Get it there in time for Valentine's Day! Follow the timelines below to ensure your gift arrives by February 14th.

    Sunday, February 4th | Last Day to Order with Customization
    Tuesday, February 6th | Last Day to Order with Standard Shipping
    Thursday, February 8th | Last Day to Order with Priority Shipping

    *Orders with customization are not guaranteed for Valentine's Day delivery on this date.



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