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    Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

    Your husband insists he “doesn’t do Valentine’s Day,” but every year, he goes out of his way to send an enormous bouquet to your office and has chocolates waiting for you when you get home. You know how much he cares, and you want to get him a little something special this year. But what do you get a guy who says he has everything? Your prayers have been answered – below, we’ve collected our go-to Valentine’s Day gifts for a guy.

    Forged Silicone Ring

    QALO rings are an affordable and timeless gift for partners that work tough jobs, complete rigorous workouts, or explore unforgiving terrain. Our new Forged ring reflects craftsmanship at its core. Made for hardworking hands, this newly-unveiled ring features a hammered iron aesthetic that exudes a rustic yet modern finish. With his Forged ring, your guy will be reminded of you wherever life takes him – even during demanding activities unsafe for metal wedding bands. The neutral color tone goes with everything, so he won’t have to worry about coordinating his outfit!

    GridLock Watch Band

    Plenty of guys fall under the umbrella of “techie,” eager to unbox the latest smartphone or gadget. If your partner can’t go anywhere without his Apple Watch, consider giving him a durable, non-conductive GridLock Watch Band. Built for the athlete and the explorer, these watch bands feature a unique Dual Lock Fastener for added security and a groove-less comfort fit design, eliminating the need to clean the band of dirt, lotion, and grime. Available in a variety of colorful or subdued designs, these watch bands are great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for boyfriends who are notoriously hard to shop for.

    Dog ID Tag

    You’re his ride or die, but if he has a canine companion, there’s more than one love in his life. If you’re tired of buying him whiskey, wine, or desserts for Valentine’s Day, what about something useful that keeps your pet baby safe from harm? Our silicone Dog ID Tags are functional tags designed to showcase your dog’s unique personality while including vital information if they wander off during the family hike. Add up to six lines of free personalization to your quiet, scratch-resistant Dog ID Tag to spread the love to his furry friend.

    Get Physical

    To clarify, we’re referring to physical activities before you get home. If your hubby leads an active lifestyle, treat him to tickets or time out of your schedule to break a sweat and connect over a fun pastime. Sure, you can head to your local roller skating rink or bowling alley. Or you can crank things up a notch – why not buy a pass to an indoor rock climbing center? Or maybe it’s the perfect time to take him to that first scuba diving class. Not your cup of tea? Check out our list of other out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day activities he’s sure to enjoy.

    Date Night Box

    Far too often, the first thing to go when our lives get busy is the time we commit to making our relationships stronger. QALO wants to help recapture date night with you and your beau with our prepackaged Movie on a Mountain Date Night Box. We provide a lantern, blanket, water bottle, and even Ring Pops so you two can trek to the highest spot in town and settle in for the QALO version of a drive-in movie. Check out all of the packages in our Date Night Box collection for other romantic date nights to make this Valentine’s Day extra special.

    Any of these gifts will have your man feeling like a million bucks, or at least a very loved and appreciated partner. Do you actually need something for your wife or girlfriend? We have that covered, too. Head over to our companion blog for a roundup of unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her. 


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