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    Can You Wear Your Wedding Band Before You Get Married?

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    Can You Wear Your Wedding Band Before You Get Married?

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    You and your fiancé took the time to pick out your beautiful wedding bands, and they just arrived. Whether you picked them up at the jewelry store or you had them shipped directly to your home, they’re right in front of you … just waiting to be worn. Try as you might, you just can’t itch the desire to wear your wedding band! But, you’re worried about any superstitions or bad luck that might come your way for wearing your band. You definitely don’t want to doom your marriage before it begins! 

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    Here’s some more information about wearing your wedding band before getting married. 

    No, It’s Not Bad Luck. Weddings have a lot of tradition surrounding them—and for good reason! But, it’s important to distinguish fact from fiction. Some people feel wearing your wedding bands before the wedding is bad luck, but that mainly has to do with their ideas about wedding etiquette. There’s nothing that shows whether or not wearing your wedding bands before the wedding is really bad luck, but many people feel it’s like “jumping the gun,” so to speak. The wedding bands are for married couples, not engaged ones, so wearing the bands is seen as bad form.

    You Can Use It as an Opportunity to Size Them. Have a silicone ring sizer on hand because you’ll want to ensure your wedding bands fit properly. If you wait until your wedding day to wear them for the first time, then you run the risk of them not fitting properly—and then you’ll be uncomfortable all day or not be able to wear it during your reception. Trying them on beforehand, and even wearing them alongside your engagement ring for a couple of days will also let you test how it feels beyond just trying it on in the store. 

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    If you ordered your rings online, you’ll definitely want to do this because you didn’t have the benefit of trying them on before buying them. It’s important to see how the ring looks on your finger and how it feels as you move throughout your day. Our fingers can swell or contract, depending on the weather or our level of activity, so your wedding band should be able to withstand any part of your day.

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    Put It on Your Other Hand if you’re worried your family or friends will see it and say something to you about it. Friends and family can be a little naggy, and they might not take the time to understand why you’re wearing the band now instead of waiting until your wedding. Wearing it on your other hand can let you try it out without running the risk of any minor tussles with friends or family! Plus, it’s a unique style decision to wear multiple rings on different hands. 

    If You’re Eloping, wearing your wedding bands instead of an engagement ring is a great idea for couples. Not only is it how you can announce you’re eloping, but it will also let you save money on your elopement. Many couples wonder “How much does it cost to elope?” They can save a ton on the diamond engagement ring and instead apply it to other facets of their elopement. 

    As times change, so have couples’ attitudes about eloping, and many of them include wearing wedding bands before getting married. Many couples view the rings as having less symbolism than generations prior, but they still agree with the significance. Couples who want to be a little different from others will be more likely to wear their wedding bands prior to their ceremony. Either way, it’s okay! 

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    There Are Other Cultures That Wear Bands Prior to Marriage. For some cultures, wearing a band before marriage is normal. This is especially true in the English, Irish, and Scottish cultures, where the Claddagh ring is the norm. Because women wear Claddagh rings when they’re single, dating, engaged, and married, it’s not abnormal or unlucky for them to wear a ring prior to marriage. In that culture, it’s all about the finger placement of the ring and the direction the hands face. 

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