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    What Does a Black Wedding Band Mean?

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    What Does a Black Wedding Band Mean?

    If you’ve ever seen someone wearing a black wedding band, you might have been curious if there was a special meaning or purpose behind it. While many people have come to view black as more of something worn at funerals or other solemn occasions, the same can’t be said for wedding bands. Let’s take a look at some of the many meanings behind black wedding bands.


    Not everyone can wear a wedding band made of traditional precious metals (golds and silvers). In fact, many people’s hands swell throughout the day, so wearing those unforgiving metal bands can be uncomfortable! A lot of black wedding bands are made of alternative materials, such as silicone, so it helps to ensure that the material stretches with the swelling of the hands.

    Also, many people who work high-risk jobs, such as construction workers, first responders or servicemen and women, will need to wear rings that aren’t made of precious metals. Because their jobs put them at higher risk of injury, that also means their wedding jewelry can be damaged more than someone who works in an office setting or from home. Instead of wearing gold or silver, people in these fields should consider wearing a more subtle band, which is where black wedding bands come in! Even those who work in restaurants or cleaning businesses would benefit from wearing alternative wedding bands. When exposed too often or for too long to water, precious metals can deteriorate. Instead, wearing a silicone band can really help ensure that the symbol of the commitment you and your spouse have made stays true and in great shape.


    A lot of men choose to wear black wedding bands as a style statement. Our men’s black wedding bands aren’t just solid black. We have many with different unique patterns that you can show off your style with! From mosaic styles to reversible options, our selection is filled with great choices that enable you to show your commitment to your spouse, your career or your lifestyle. Plus, black’s neutral tone goes with practically all other colors so your ring will always subtly match your outfit.

    Black Wedding Band


    Not a fan of social norms? The idea of wearing a gold or silver wedding band reminds you of oppression or the status quo? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then a black wedding band might be the perfect choice for you. The color black has long been a staple of the punk scene, so why not let that shine through your wedding bands? Even if you’ve since become more traditional than your teenage punk-rock-alternative days, you can still bring a nod to your rebellious side by wearing a black wedding band. 


    Historically speaking, onyx – the black gemstone – has many different uses and meanings. Each ancient culture had its own opinions about onyx and its purpose. For some, such as the Chinese, it had a highly negative quality, but others, especially the Greeks and Romans, understood that the gemstone itself wasn’t bad luck so they started to make beautiful pieces of art and jewelry from it. The Egyptians even used different shades of onyx to create pottery or other household items. Over time, Western cultures started to create more and more pieces using diamonds to juxtapose the darkness of the onyx. 


    Some families have rings that are passed down to each generation. Wearing these rings brings a sense of pride and family loyalty to the person who wears it. For some, a black wedding band, or a wedding ring with large amounts of onyx incorporated into it, can symbolize their family ties. Typically, these bands are steeped in some type of family tradition, or they represent some part of the family itself. Wearing heirloom jewelry is also a subtle way for some people to show their wealth. They’re proud of their family’s financial status so being able to have jewelry that can be passed from generation to generation continues the strength of the family and its finances.

    chef with Black Wedding Band


    At the same time, not everyone can afford custom wedding bands filled with diamonds or other gemstones. Wedding bands can be very expensive, and for two people who want to show their love and commitment to each other without breaking the bank, black wedding bands – especially those made from alternative materials, such as silicone – can do just that. No matter what, a wedding band is between two people who have dedicated themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. As long as the couple is wearing rings they love, that’s what matters most!

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