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    What Is a Low Dome Wedding Band?

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    What Is a Low Dome Wedding Band?

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    If you’re in the market for an engagement ring or wedding band set, you’ve probably heard of a variety of types of rings. You might have even visited some stores, only to hear jewelers and salespeople throw out terms and phrases that make no sense to you about the rings. 

    Or, maybe you’ve browsed online and realized there are so many options out there, and you don’t know where to start. But, most have one thing in common — they talk about a “low dome wedding band.” What is a low dome wedding band? Should you get one? Here’s some helpful information about a low dome wedding band!

    - What is a low dome wedding band? Also known as a D-shape wedding band, the low dome wedding band is one of the most common ring shapes out there. With a flat inside and a curved outside, it appears to make a “D” shape. These rings are very popular among all ring creators — even our silicone wedding bands are built in the low dome shape! 

    - Are there other types of wedding bands? Yes! The low dome wedding band is just one of many types of wedding band shapes out there. Most are heavier; the low dome wedding band is so popular because it’s typically a medium-weight ring. It doesn’t weigh your finger down, but it also feels more present on your finger. 

    Some rings have slightly curved inner rings, are much heavier or are rounded on the outside. Others have diamonds set into the ring instead of sticking out, and some even have edging and are interesting takes on the classic low domed wedding band. 


    Women's Stackable Rings Are Perfect for Engagement, Wedding and Anniversary Rings


    - Does the width of the ring matter? Nope! All that matters is whether the inside of the ring is flat and the outside is curved. Even our women’s stackable rings are made in a D-shape. Stackable rings are great for women because women typically wear two rings on their ring finger. Plus, if they have a promise ring or any anniversary rings, stackable rings are great because they’re thinner than traditional rings, but they can look like a cohesive set. 

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    - Can my fiance and I have matching low dome wedding bands? Yes! Because the low dome shaped rings are the most popular, practically every wedding band has a matching one for brides or grooms. Whether you want matching colors, patterns or even a matching inscription, you and your fiance can have matching rings. 

    Matching rings look great in photos, so your bridal portraits will look great! Even though wedding rings weren’t worn by couples until more recent times, many couples now consider their wedding rings to represent their unity and commitment to each other. Matching wedding bands can symbolize this.


    Order Matching Silicone Wedding Bands for Both of You


    Low Dome Wedding Band Ideas

    - Claddagh rings: Ever wondered “What is the meaning of a Claddagh ring?” These rings are worn by both men and women, though traditionally by women. Claddagh rings also don’t have to be worn only by people with Irish ancestry. They’re great for everyone! They represent solidarity, which is perfect for marriage. 

    - Inscribed wedding rings: Adding an inscription to the inside of your wedding band will make for a truly unique piece! Whether you choose words of wisdom, pledges of love and loyalty or your favorite quote from a movie or TV show, there are lots of ways you can inscribe your wedding rings. You can even add the coordinates of your first date or the city you met! We can customize your rings to display any message of your love. 

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    - First responder rings: If they work in first responder fields, including the medical field, why not get them a low dome ring that features their field? We have a variety of rings perfect for first responders. Whether it’s their colors or their insignia, you can have it customized to include their precinct number. The same goes for anyone in the military — feature their troop on their ring!

    - Reversible rings: A reversible style is perfect for your rings. In fact, it’s a great way to transition from an engagement ring to a wedding ring — just flip the band inside-out! Show off the different color or pattern for different occasions or to go best with your outfit. The possibilities are endless!


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