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    What Is an Anniversary Ring and When Should I Get One?

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    What Is an Anniversary Ring and When Should I Get One?

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    Celebrate the milestones of your marriage with an anniversary ring! The anniversary rings tradition doesn’t date back as far as the tradition of wearing engagement and wedding bands does, but they’re an important part of every marriage. Given during different yearly milestones—5, 10, 25, 50, etc.—anniversary rings serve as continued dedication to your marriage and celebrate all the years you’ve put in. 

    Do I Have to Get a Ring Every 5 Years?

    Not at all! Purchasing a true diamond or gemstone ring for your spouse every five years can get very expensive very quickly. If you want to save up your money and splurge on a set of rings for your 25th or even your 50th wedding anniversary, then that’s totally fine! If you’d prefer to give each other a ring every year to show your continued dedication, then that’s okay, too. 

    Learn the Anniversary Rings Tradition and History in Our Guide

    Our women’s stackable rings are perfect for giving anniversary rings every five or ten years! The bands are purposefully designed to fit on your finger with multiple rings stacked in one area. With multiple anniversary bands, it’s a great idea to have them all on one finger that you just add on to!

    Do Anniversary Rings Replace My Current Wedding Band Set?

    Only if you want it to! There is absolutely no pressure to replace your wedding band set. In fact, many couples wear the anniversary rings on other fingers, such as their middle or pointer fingers. You can even wear it on your other hand! You don’t have to feel obligated to replace your wedding band set, unless you want to. Some women find wearing two rings on one finger isn’t for them, so a simple solitaire would work instead. 

    If your spouse is particularly active, constantly spending hours every week in the gym, women’s silicone rings are perfect for them! Not only does it signify your commitment to your marriage, but also your respect for their dedication to health! They’ll be able to wear their ring while working out, keeping their metal bands clean and without blemish. 

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    How Can I Make the Jewelry Personal?

    Personal gifts are the best gifts because they really show how much you care. You took the time to add something personal to the gift with that particular person in mind. Do the same with your anniversary ring! Whether you give it with another item that has personal meaning to your spouse, or you have the inside of the anniversary ring engraved with their name, your wedding date, or what anniversary the ring is for, adding something extra to an already special gift will mean a lot.

    Women’s Stackable Rings Make It Easy to Wear Your Anniversary and Wedding Rings

    Are Rings the Only Anniversary Jewelry I Can Give?

    While we’re personal advocates for the anniversary ring, we do understand some people prefer to have other types of jewelry—especially if you’re celebrating more often than every five or ten years. If your spouse is pregnant during one of your anniversaries, getting her a ring might not be the best decision due to the nature of fingers swelling during pregnancy. Instead, a sweet bracelet or necklace is a great jewelry alternative to give. 

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    Are There Specific Colors for Each Anniversary?

    Yes! In fact, for each anniversary, there are different items that represent that specific year or marriage milestone. You can use it to guide you in your anniversary gift search. Lucky for you, our silicone rings come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’ll be able to find a ring for each year you decide to give an anniversary ring. This even applies to years that aren’t associated with colors or jewelry, such as flowers on your fourth anniversary or a fire theme for your 21st. You can hit every anniversary out of the park with any of our silicone rings. 

    Do Anniversary Rings Have to Be a Surprise, or Can I Involve My Spouse in Choosing One?

    That’s totally up to you! Some people prefer to know what they’re getting and keep how they’re getting it a surprise. That way, you don’t have to worry about whether or not they like it—it’s exactly what they want because they picked it out. Then, you can plan a surprise anniversary dinner or event for you to give them the ring. 

    Alternatively, if they love surprises—or you’ve been together for over 20 years—there’s a pretty big chance you can choose their ring without them and have it be a total surprise! Either way, they will love getting an anniversary ring because it’s a gift from you, the love of their life.


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