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What Sets QALO Silicone Rings Apart: Thoughts From Our Awesome Customer Service Team

When it comes to silicone rings, there can’t be much room for difference between brands, right? WRONG. QALO rings are designed with the goal of being the best silicone rings on the market, and according to the tens of thousands of QALO ring reviews, we’re achieving that goal. Here’s a look at what sets a QALO ring apart from the rest.

Most people know that a silicone ring is great for the gym. It can prevent ring avulsion, injury, and discomfort. But QALO is built to be strong for more than just weight reps. Says Amanda Santoyo, one of our customer service supervisors, “A QALO is a ring to wear for actual family life: Washing dishes, changing your own oil, chasing the kids and their messes around, rewarding yourself with a round of golf. As an original silicone ring company, our rings have stood the test of time and evolved to surpass standards in durability and style.”

It’s that originality and tenure in the silicone ring world that gives QALO legs. Not only were we pioneers in what is now a commonplace trend, we have years of experience under our belts to help us get it right. That extends much further than a strong ring. It also means integrity.  

“We stand behind our brand and our core values. We value people, we value wanting to keep people safe, and their fingers protected. We are set apart because we have made a name for ourselves and people know what we represent … Our mission is to inspire people to improve their quality of life by committing to love selflessly, live athletically, and play outdoors constantly. We want to inspire a movement that embraces and shares the power of commitment,” says Ellen Rosenau of QALO.

The community is a big part of what sets QALO apart from our competitors. Here, you’re not just buying a silicone ring. When you shop at QALO, you’re joining a family of people with similar goals and interests.

Says Amanda Santoyo, “What sets QALO apart is simple: the QALO community. Our small team of CS agents genuinely care about our community. We know our customers are moms, dads, firemen, police officers, farmers, doctors, military, and other equally important persons. We appreciate that our customers are taking care of their own communities, so we want to take care of ours!”

It’s a sentiment that QALO Problem Solver Malarie Murphy sees in action, too. She says, “When you wear a QALO, you’ll find people will notice your ring and ask, “Is that a QALO?”. Our name has become synonymous with silicone rings and we are the product people know and trust and that is something we take pride in. Here at QALO, we guarantee we will do our best to make your experience with us amazing!”

Finally, it’s important that we not overlook our outstanding customer service. Not only are we a quality product built with integrity, we’re also a well-staffed community of people who care about your experience. These people care about how you feel about the ring on your finger.

Says Murphy, “Our genuine love for our company and products is evident in the way we talk to our customers with passion. We truly care about the experience our customers have not only with us but with our products. We want them to look down at the QALO on their hand and smile, and if they don’t, we want to find them one that will. We want people to leave the conversation with us happy and to truly feel like they are a part of the QALO family.”

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