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    Why Is QALO Making Family Products?

    Written By: Nicole Browning

    Why Is QALO Making Family Products?

    You might be wondering, “What are the makers of the functional wedding ring doing releasing family products?” Well, you've come to the right place. We sat down and asked our Co-Founder, KC Holiday, a few questions to help break down what inspired our all-new Family Collection


    From the start, QALO aimed to create a community and fuel a lifestyle centered around family - after all, that's how we live our lives. So, we asked our fearless leader, "Why is family so important? How have you carried this importance into the QALO office?"

    “Within the chaos that comes with this journey of life, there is one constant: Family. I’ve learned that happiness is not created by success and there is no car, house, building, or business opportunity that can compare to coming home at the end of the day to your family. They are there through it all,” KC said. 

    "I also recognize the importance of having employees with really healthy lives at home, which is why our number one core value at QALO is 'Go Home.' Perspective in this world can get a bit out of whack. I frequently remind our employees, there is nothing that will happen within the four walls of QALO that will ever be more important than something that is going on at home.”


     So, what exactly sparked KC's interest in having QALO jump into family products? 

    "Our belief at QALO is that your number one priority in life is the role you play within your family, and our products represent your dedication to that role. We initially created the functional ring to represent our commitment to being husbands, while allowing us to live a life the way we believe it should be lived. The QALO Family Collection fits that same framework." 

    "When I had my son, Tigris, I took on a whole new role that came with a lot of emotions: excitement, fear, nervousness, and joy. Just like marriage, it was a moment to break the mold of how 'difficult' parenting would be and instead view it as an opportunity to share all of the things I love in this world with someone new. With that I thought, QALO needs to meet people in these moments and create a community of people who believe life within this identity should be lived a certain way. Life as new parents should be an extension of the marriage you have created together, and we want to take that new journey in life with you. The Family Collection is a declaration for moms and dads to celebrate their new identity as parents and wear a product that aligns with the type of parent they want to be.”

    Marriage is a wonderful adventure, but it’s really just the beginning. At the end of the day, family is life’s greatest adventure.


    We understand that parenting isn’t easy, especially the first time around, and we want you to know that you are not alone. KC agrees that there really isn't anything that can prepare you for the challenges that come with being a parent, “I thought marriage did a good job of exposing the weaknesses I had as a man, but it can’t even compare to being a parent. Tigris challenges me to be better, and I love that. I could do without him straightening his legs when changing his diaper though... just saying.” 

    Don’t get us wrong, we are first and foremost the makers of the functional wedding ring. Because, heck, we do it well (Don’t believe us? Check out our feature in Forbes). 😉 But, we are so excited to release new products that we know our amazing community will benefit from... and we hope you are, too! Our all-new Family Collection is a reflection of our commitment to family, featuring teething necklaces and baby blankets for you and your little ones. Best of all, they can be personalized to make them one of a kind! 

    Here's what KC had to say when we asked him what sets the QALO Family Collection apart from other similar products, “In my mind, I have a vision for our QALO parents to be holding their baby wrapped in our blanket, chewing on a teether, and on both of those products, there is an engraved reminder that they are a wonderful parent. They are part of a community of other parents taking on the same challenge, and in that role, you have an incredible opportunity to make an impact on a life. That’s powerful. That’s QALO."



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