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    What to Wear When Working Out (and 4 Things You Should Never Wear)

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    What to Wear When Working Out (and 4 Things You Should Never Wear)

    Whether you’re just starting a workout routine after taking a break, or you’ve been working out since your high school track team days, there are some important things to consider when determining your workout wardrobe. For men, women and everyone in between, there are lots of things that can go wrong with your workout if you’re wearing the wrong clothes. We’ve put together a list of things that you should—and shouldn’t!—wear while working out!

    What to Wear

    Breathable Materials: Try to avoid non-breathable materials like denim or spandex. If you’re wearing any non-synthetic fibers, go with silicone! Our silicone rings are great replacement bands for any metal rings you wear. Not only are they durable, but they stretch with your fingers as they swell, which tends to happen as you work out. They’ll come right off your fingers when it’s time to shower, too! You should also look for clothes that have a mixture of cotton and other moisture-wicking materials. 

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    Shoes: Don’t ever work out barefoot! Unless you’re doing a routine such as yoga or Pilates, you need to wear sneakers while you’re working out. For exercise routines where you need to have a wide range of motion with your feet, you should use an exercise mat so that your feet have some padding or cushion to keep them supported.

    Sports Bras: For women, it’s important to wear a sports bra while working out. Finding the right one can definitely be a challenge, but visiting a lingerie store or women’s store can put you in line with an experienced salesperson who can measure you properly to find the right fit. Always try things on before you buy them, and try a variety of styles to find one that’s comfortable!

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    Comfortable and Appropriate Clothes: When determining your workout gear, there are a few things to consider. What type of workout are you doing? Are you working indoors or outdoors? What is the weather like? These are the three big questions you’ll want to ask yourself before picking any clothes out. If you’re doing an outdoor run in the rain, you’ll probably want to wear leggings, a t-shirt and a rain jacket. If you’re doing an indoor yoga routine, you should wear a loose-fitting tank top and stretchy yoga pants. 

    What Not to Wear

    Old Shoes: If the last time you bought new sneakers was five years ago, go out and buy another pair! You’ll want to find shoes that support your foot type, so be sure to go to a specialty athletic shoe store. Sure, you might be spending a little extra upfront for your sneakers, but your feet will thank you in the long run!

    Too-Tight or Too-Baggy Clothes: Your clothes are important when working out. Avoid wearing 100% cotton, since it absorbs moisture and makes clothes damp. This will make you feel sweaty, so you’ll want to stop your workout earlier! Yes, cotton clothes are better at keeping odors away, so find workout gear that uses a mixture of fabrics to keep yourself nice and clean before, during and after your workout. 

    The same goes for sports bras—they need to fit right. Don’t wear one that’s too small or too large because you won’t be supported.

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    Metal Jewelry: Not only can metals mix with sweat to wear down the precious metals in your jewelry, but your jewelry can pose a huge risk to the machinery! If any of your jewelry gets caught in the machines, it can break them or hurt you. Plus, anything with gemstones can be ruined by the pressure of weights or other gym equipment. Protect your jewels and yourself—leave them at home and swap for a silicone ring!

    Makeup: Ladies, this one’s for you. Makeup has no place in the gym! If you’re wearing a face full of makeup, then the dirt and oils that occur as a result of sweating are trapped under the layers of foundation, blush and contour. With nowhere to go, they settle back into your skin and cause pimples, blackheads and other blemishes on your face. Skip the makeup routine before going to the gym, or, if you go after work, wipe your face down in the locker room before hitting the floor. 

    By that same token, guys—even though you might not wear makeup like the ladies, you, too, should wipe your face down with a wet rag before and after your workout to remove any dirt or oils present!



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