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    When to Buy Wedding Bands: 6 Tips for Couples

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    When to Buy Wedding Bands: 6 Tips for Couples

    When you’re planning a wedding, the to-do list feels endless. Not only do you have to pick out, order and coordinate every little thing, but you also have to do it on a timeline that makes sense. Things you didn’t think would need to be done months ahead of time often do, which is why wedding planning almost always feels like it’s on a time crunch, no matter how far off the wedding date.

    One thing you need to consider during the planning process is when to buy your wedding bands. Like your dress, tux, flowers and menu, your wedding band requires customization. And customization requires time. So getting a head start on all things rings is definitely a good decision. Here are a few of our favorite tips on when to buy wedding rings.

    Tips to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Wedding Bands

    Give Yourself Time to Explore — As you’re beginning to plan your big day, spend a bit of time each week researching different styles and ideas online. This way, when you officially enter the ring-buying process, you’ll be a lot more prepared to narrow down a seemingly endless array of options. Not only do you want to enter the game with a general idea of style, but you also want to consider materials, budget and special engravings.

    Aim for Four to Six Months Out — Here’s the thing: You probably won’t need six months to order and customize your wedding band. In fact, when you buy silicone wedding rings from QALO, you can choose, customize and receive your rings in under three weeks. But doing it with this much wiggle room ensures that it isn’t a huge issue if something gets delayed. 

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    Leave Time for Sizing — Once you have the hard part out of the way — picking the ring itself — you’re off to a good start. But the waiting game is not over. When your ring is customized and ready to go, you’ll usually need to have a second fitting to make sure it fits properly. If it’s not a perfect fit, you may have to have it resized, which can take another couple of weeks.

    The Earlier, the Better — On the overwhelming wedding planning list, nothing feels better than checking off those big tasks and moving on to the next thing. Picking out and designing your wedding bands is one of those things you can do early in the process. Unlike fitting your dress or tux, your ring size isn’t likely to change much throughout the process, so get it out of the way as early as possible. Note: Fingers do fluctuate with temperature and environment, but your ring size is likely to stay the same.

    Don’t Forget the Silicone Ring — These days, it’s common for brides and grooms to have two wedding bands — a traditional one and an everyday one, with the latter often made of silicone. This material is a lot more comfortable, forgiving and affordable than typical metals like silver or gold, so it doesn’t have to be babied. As soon as the ceremony’s over, you can rock your silicone band (especially on your honeymoon if you’ll be swimming) and putting your cherished, sentimental rings in a drawer or box for safekeeping.

    Ask Your Jeweler About Timing Though most jewelers and ring retailers are used to working on limited timelines, they all have different policies and cutoffs to consider. The best thing you can do to ensure that your rings are ready on time is to talk with your ring supplier about your timeline so they know exactly when your rings need to be prepared.

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    Choose a Reputable Ring Dealer

    Wedding planning can be stressful; there’s no doubt about it. One of the worst mistakes you can make is trusting inexperienced or poorly rated vendors to help you execute all the important details. When you partner with experienced companies like QALO, you can expect getting hitched to go off without a hitch, right down to the rings.


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