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    Who Wears Silicone Weddings Bands?

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Who Wears Silicone Weddings Bands?

    Silicone rings as wedding bands are a trend that is getting a lot of attention these days. Just as with any emerging trend, we’re first to notice when celebrities get in on the fashion. But silicone rings aren’t just for mega fit athletes. In fact, they’re great options for a variety of people. Just take a look at our team of QALO ambassadors.

    People Who Work with Their Hands

    Because silicone rings are nonconductive, people who work with their hands love them. They won’t transfer heat and break away under pressure, creating the safest ring experience out there. That’s why mechanics, electricians, surgeons, construction workers, and engineers love silicone rings.


    Research is showing that millennials are doing a lot of things differently than their parents. The way that they view tradition and marriage is right up there with changes the younger generation is instituting. This generation prizes higher education, paying down debt, saving up for a home, and travel far more than they prize traditional wedding rings. As a result, more millennials are making the switch to silicone rings.

    Public Servants

    Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and those serving our country all love silicone rings. Many of these lines of work either require or suggest a ring-free hand for safety reasons. That’s why silicone rings are a great alternative. They won’t get caught on things when hands are put into dangerous situations and will keep hands safe without sacrificing the visual symbol of commitment that wedding rings have long represented.


    A quick trip over to our “About Us” section will reveal a lot of athletes who love QALO. But you don’t have to go pro to get the benefits of a silicone wedding ring. Runners love them for their breathability. Weightlifters love them because they won’t contribute to hand calluses. Hikers, bikers, rock climbers, fishermen, and a host of other athletes all find benefits to a flexible, comfortable ring that moves with them. Even if they are just an everyday athlete.

    Those on a Budget

    With silicone rings coming in at less than 10% the cost of a traditional gold ring, it’s easy to understand why those on a budget love them. Even if you’re not on a strict budget, the attractive price point of silicone rings means that you can have more than one, and you don’t have to wince if something happens and you lose your ring. After all, commitment isn’t measured by price.

    Sensitive Souls

    Those with a lot of skin sensitivities or allergies find silicone rings the reprieve that allows them to showcase their commitment in ways they never could before. Silicone rings are nearly hypoallergenic, with very few people having reactions to them. That means those with metal allergies have a way to showcase their commitments without having to worry about what is happening to their skin underneath the ring.

    Ready to try silicone rings for yourself? Check out our best selling QALO rings for men and women.


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