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Why A Silicone Ring Is The Perfect Gift for Soon-To-Be Moms

Have you ever heard of a, “push” present? These are gifts given to women during the labor of their unborn child. The gifts vary from things that are sentimental but inexpensive, to quite extravagant indeed!

The trend has only really gained popularity in the USA in the last decade or so, but it’s been a worldwide cultural norm for generations. In fact, some accounts suggest that these gifts have been around since the 1700s! Many of the earliest records of such gifts come from India and the United Kingdom. The tradition appears to have begun with the gift of jewelry to the new mother, given by either her husband or mother.

Nowadays, though, everyone is getting in on the fun. While significant others are still the most common purchaser of push presents for the laboring mother-to-be, social media is alive with stories of friends, cousins, fathers, mothers, and even co-workers offering up push-presents.

Around here, we’re all about taking traditions and turning them on their head. We love the idea of the traditional gift of jewelry. We love it more when it’s made modern. So, we suggest that a QALO silicone ring is, indeed, the perfect push present. Here’s why.

Women’s fingers swell during pregnancy, especially the latter part. As the baby grows and becomes heavier, the mother’s hands and feet will begin to retain water from the stress of the pregnancy. Typically around the time that this happens, women will remove their wedding bands because they’ve become too small and uncomfortable. A stretchy, breathable silicone ring is the perfect answer to this problem. It allows the mom-to-be to continue showcasing her commitment to her partner without being in discomfort.

Furthermore, since QALO silicone rings can be personalized, they can represent a very sentimental gift indeed. If it is known, you can have the child’s name engraved on the ring, reminding the mom-to-be of what is waiting for her on the other side of labor. If the birth is scheduled and planned (think: induction or planned C-section) you can also have the birthdate engraved. If none of these things are known, fear not! You can still engrave an inspirational quote that empowers her to make it through this labor. Great examples include:

You Are Strong

You Are Beautiful 

You Can Do It 

Love at First Sight 

A Day To Remember 

Finally, a QALO Silicone Ring is the perfect push present because they’re affordable. With customized QALO rings starting under $25, it’s a thoughtful, unique gift that’s also in budget. Are you ready to give the perfect push present? Get started on your customized QALO, here.