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Why February Is The Perfect Month To Plan Summer Travels

Have you ever heard of Wave Season? It’s a term that the cruise industry coined, and it’s exactly why you should be planning your summer travel right now, even if you never want to take a cruise. Here’s why.

Several years ago the cruise industry had a problem. They noticed that bookings would slump at the start of the year. To combat this, they started offering some of their best incentives for the entire year in the first quarter of the year. Bookings soared. It didn’t take long for the airline and hotel industries to notice what was happening and start following their lead. So now, in the travel industry, the time between mid-January and mid-March is known as “Wave Season.”

Many hotels, airlines, and cruise lines will offer their most enticing packages during this time of year for any travel happening over the next fiscal year. That means that if you’re booking a trip for next Christmas, it’s actually better to do it almost a year in advance than any other time!

Pair those incredible deals with the fact that planning an entire year’s worth of travel during the first three months of the year gives you ample time to arrange for pet-sitters, childcare, and paid time off of work and you start to understand why travel agent’s don’t get much sleep this time of year.

February is the highlight of Wave Season and right now is the perfect time to book your next getaway! So we give you permission to prop your feet up and watch the snow fall outside as you book your summer escape to the Caribbean. After all, you’ve earned it!