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Why QALO Is The Perfect Beach Companion

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Why QALO Is The Perfect Beach Companion

Beach season is here! This is the best time of year for soaking up the sun and breathing in life! We love the idea of sinking our toes into the sand this summer and happen to think that a new QALO is the perfect beach buddy. Here are five reasons why.

Colors. Oh, the colors!

With bright florals and lush greenery all around you, summer is a season for color! That’s a big reason why a QALO silicone ring is the perfect accessory for summer. Unlike metal rings, which traditionally come in just two colors, silicone rings can come in every shade of the rainbow. Snatch a tropical green, a bright yellow, or a Caribbean inspired blue. With so many bright choices, why not go ahead and pick more than one?

Water Safe

From sea to lake, river to lagoon, and even your trusty neighborhood pool, so much of summer is spent in the water. Metal rings can slide off and sink in water. Given their lofty price point, most of us would rather encounter a shark than a spouse after losing a wedding ring. This season, save the struggle. Slip into a silicone ring instead. 


No matter if you live in Alabama or Alaska, summer has one thing in common; it’s hot. That’s why a metal ring doesn’t make much sense. Even if you have never noticed your traditional metal rings baking your finger before, it’s been happening. Metal heats up with the environment and ultimately passes that heat right onto your tender skin. Choosing a non-conductive silicone ring stops that from happening. Since silicone is also a breathable material, your finger won’t sweat, and your rings won’t slide. Added bonus? If your fingers swell in summer, a silicone ring will stretch with them. That means no more tight, uncomfortable, and dangerous rings.


Most people take at least one vacation during the summer season. Let’s say that this year is the year that you’re planning to visit an exotic beach destination. A traditional wedding ring, complete with pricey diamonds and expensive precious metals, is an easy way to make yourself a target for pick-pockets and thieves. Leave the liability at home and choose a silicone ring for vacation instead.


QALO is committed to you. That’s part of the reason that we keep our silicone rings affordable. Since silicone rings are affordable, they’re also easily replaceable. Summer is about living in the moment and making the most out of life. Choosing a beach ring that won’t break the bank to replace is a smart investment in your summertime fun!

Ready to dive in? Catch a wave and order your beach-ready QALO silicone ring.


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