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Why This Baker Prefers QALO Rings

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Why This Baker Prefers QALO Rings

Hi there! Jenna here, the blogger behind Butter Loves Company, a site dedicated to all things baking and cooking.

I spend most of my nights and weekends measuring and chopping ingredients, kneading doughs, or assembling stacks of baked goods. Needless to say, it is pretty hands-on.

My husband Greg and I got married in September so I’m also trying to get used to having wedding rings on when I’m hands deep in butter, sugar, and flour. At first, I would spend time trying to clean the dough out of the small crevices between the stones of my ring after I was done with a recipe. No thanks!

Then, I decided to skip the rings all together when cooking, and my hand felt so bare, especially as I often run out to work or to a yoga class after I am done. I would end up ringless all day and I didn’t like that either.

We recently tried silicone rings from QALO to see if that would help the rings in the kitchen conundrum. If you’re a cook or baker, or just like to cook for fun, you may find these silicone bands to be a wonderful solution.

They are:

Smooth, easy to clean: The geometric patterns on the Geo Stackable Ring (pictured in the color Blue Moonstone) are so cute and, because of the material, any dough or splatters wipe off super easily.

Made of food grade silicone (and BPA free!): You don’t have to worry about it coming in contact with what you’re mixing up.

Temperature resistant: The material is resistant to extreme hots and colds, so if you are washing dishes, grabbing things from the freezer, or tinkering with the oven temperature, the ring won’t be impacted. This is particularly great for Greg since he takes on dish duty most days!

Multi-functional: Perfect for active lifestyles, you can wear the rings while you cook and wherever else the day takes you. Hiking, work, out with the family, the rings can take you through your day.

Affordable: The ring options come at a great price point, so you can wear without worry.

    I’d love to see pictures of your QALO in the kitchen. Be sure to tag me @butterlovescompany and @QALO in your photos.

    Bon Appetit!



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