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    Why We Wear QALO: Stories From Our Employees

    Written By: Nicole Browning

    Why We Wear QALO: Stories From Our Employees

    What makes QALO so special to us are the stories we hear from our customers about why they wear their ring and what it means to them. We decided to flip the script and ask a few members of our own team why they wear QALO. Meet a few members of the team, and don't forget to click to shop their favorite rings! 


    Lead Laser Technician 

    Favorite Ring: Men's Light Grey Chevron Q2X

    "I wear a QALO because, like a bozo, I lost my $100 metal wedding ring on the last day of my honeymoon. I was goofing around in the water on the beach in Hawaii trying to recreate a scene from Lord of the Rings... you know what, it's not really important how I lost it. So when I got home I was a newly married man without a ring to show for it so I started my hunt for another metal band 'cause that's just what you do, right? In the meantime, my friend gave me one of his QALO rings as a stand-in, but once I started wearing it, it was a totally different experience. I didn't realize how much I was dreading wearing a metal wedding ring but I really wanted to show my commitment to my bride. I am one of those guys that jewelry just looks totally out of place on me, but my QALO ring was really comfortable and functional. I liked that I could show my commitment and didn't feel like I was trying to "pull off" a look that just made me uncomfortable. Two years later and my hunt for a new wedding ring has just consisted of getting newer QALO's."


    Senior Operations Manager

    Favorite Ring: Whichever one matches her outfit! 

    "I wear QALO because I am an avid CrossFitter and I don’t want to scratch up my expensive wedding ring or rip my hands. I feel naked if I don’t wear a ring at all and wearing a QALO constantly reminds me of the commitment I made to my husband and our love of fitness. I find myself wearing my QALO for a majority of the time because it is so comfortable and I love matching my rings with my outfit."


    Art Director 

    Favorite Ring: Men's Black Step Edge Q2X

    "I wear QALO for both comfort and safety. I lead a pretty active lifestyle. I wear it surfing, at the gym, coaching my son’s football team, camping and even working on the house without ever having to worry about it. I am so proud to be married to my beautiful wife and love to let the world know. My QALO ring is the perfect ring for my crazy life!"


    Facebook Coordinator 

    Favorite Ring: Women's Pearl Smooth Stackable 

    "My husband and I enjoy vacationing often. We go to the mountains in the winter and the river in the summer and being able to wear a QALO while being active and not having to worry about losing my diamond wedding band is so great! But QALO represents more than just a wedding band, it truly stands for commitment… Commitment to your spouse, to your hobbies, to your job, to your lifestyle, to whatever means most to you. To my husband and I, wearing QALOs means showing our commitment to each other in everything that we do. Even when I decide to wear my metal wedding bands, you will always find me with a QALO on my right hand because to me it's more than just a ring, it 's a way of life (plus you can color coordinate them to your outfit, and who doesn’t love that?)."


    Global Planning Manager 

    Favorite Ring: Men's Charcoal Grey Step Edge Q2X

    "I wear QALO because I love my wife and I want to show my commitment to her, no matter what activity I am doing; it’s always comfortable and never gets in the way. The personalized engraving on my ring makes it even more special and personal since my wife used the ring to tell me that we were pregnant with our first child!"

    Do you have a great story as to why you wear QALO? We want to hear about it. Please send your stories to 


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