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    World Oceans Day: How to Keep Our Oceans Clean

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    World Oceans Day: How to Keep Our Oceans Clean

    Whether you’re a scuba fanatic or a kayaking fiend, it’s no secret that QALO silicone rings are the comfortable and durable alternative to metal rings that you need for your next ocean adventure. Our oceans are three times the size of all land on the planet combined, but did you know they’re also in serious danger?

    Due to pollution and climate change, our oceans are no longer thriving, and if we don’t band together and take better care of then they could die completely. On June 8 celebrate World Oceans Day by dedicating a day to conserving one of our most precious habitats and resources: the ocean!

    Why is the ocean important?

    The ocean is more than a surfing and sightseeing destination. According to the scientists and experts at the ocean performs many essential tasks for our own wellbeing. The oceans:

    Generate most of the oxygen that we breathe
    Regulate our climate
    Provide food to eat
    Clean the water we drink
    Are the source of many medicines

    World Oceans Day was established in 2002 by The Ocean Project, an organization that is committed to educating the public about the state of the oceans and finding solutions to protect the oceans for our collective future.

    Ocean Pollution Facts

    Think the oceans are pristine? Think again! Our oceans have sadly become a dumping ground. To put it into perspective here are the fast facts about ocean pollution:

    There is a country-sized area of small plastic debris in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, commonly known as the Pacific Garbage Patch. It contains mostly small plastic bits smaller than a fingernail, and many estimates put it at about 270,000 square miles in size.

    In terms of weight, experts estimate that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

    87% of ocean ecosystems have been severely damaged as a result of pollution and climate change.

    How to Help on World Oceans Day

    Dedicate your June 8 to making a difference for International Oceans Day. Here are some worthwhile activities you and your family can do:

    Organize a beach cleanup — coordinate a community beach cleanup for the students in your school or for families in your neighborhood. After an afternoon at the beach and a celebratory dinner take the opportunity to educate your group on the harm plastic does to our oceans, and ways to use less plastic in daily life.

    Head to the aquarium — take your kids to the local aquarium to discover the amazing species that thrive in the world’s oldest ecosystem. Seeing marine life firsthand is a great chance to impart the importance of preserving our oceans to young ones. While there ask the staff what charitable organizations you can donate to or volunteer for in the area to keep the oceans clean.

    Contact your federal representatives — The current administration is rolling back many ocean protections to open up the coastline to dangerous and environmentally destructive offshore drilling. Call your representatives to lobby for ocean protection, and consider donating to Surfrider Foundation’s Stop Offshore Drilling initiative.

    Our oceans are our future — do your part this World Oceans Day to help keep them clean!


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