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How Tight Should a Ring Be?


Is Your Spouse Your Spotter?
So you have your spouse spotting you as you go through your personal routine? Be careful. I am by no means saying you shouldn’t go to the gym together. It is a great place to go as a couple for a pursuit of your goals. Just be wary of these issues that often will come […]
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Age Doesn’t Make A Difference
Brittany and Robbie Bergquist (12 and 13, respectively) learned of a soldier who racked up an $8000 cell phone bill by calling his family from Iraq. They decided to pay the soldier’s phone bill and brought $21 to the bank to start an account. The bank manager was so impressed he added an additional $500. […]
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Everybody Can Be Great
“Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve.” – MLK JR. My mother (a fellow blogger) shared this quote with me today, and I couldn’t help but make a quick post about it. You constantly hear from people how they want to accomplish great things, yet the only impression they seem to make is on their […]
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Do Wives Care If You Wear A Ring?
POLL: How important is it that the man wears a wedding band while in public? I would not get married to a man who did not wear his ring: 36% I would let him not wear it when he’s out with his friends, but HAS to wear it with strangers: 1% If he really doesn’t […]
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A QALO in the latest Lowe's "Rituals" Commercial
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A company we love: The Yes Girls
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A QALO In The Latest Lowe’s “Rituals” Commercial
A necessary accessory for all committed contractors.
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It All Starts With A Rock For Her
I was fortunate enough to be pointed in Darren Bagwell’s direction when I decided to propose to my wife. I had previously taken her to look at rings and she decided, which I am sure is common, that she wanted a combination of about five different rings. As if proposing wasn’t nerve wracking enough, now […]
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