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    What to Write on a Dog Tag

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    What to Write on a Dog Tag

    According to the American Humane Association, about 10 million dogs and cats go missing from their families each year. Sadly, one in three pets will get lost at some point in their lives. A great way to give your pet a solid chance of making it back home is to equip them with a custom dog tag engraved with their personal information. Giving your adventurous pup a permanent identifier can provide peace of mind and prevent serious heartache down the road. But choosing the right one — and knowing what to write on it — is an essential part of the plan. 

    The More Info the Merrier

    When deciding what to write on a dog tag, you need to first consider how many characters are allowed. Ideally, you should choose a dog tag that allows lots of text. QALO dog tags, for example, allow for one line of 12 characters on the front and five lines of 16 characters on the back. You can (and should) really pack a lot of valuable information into a small area. With that said, there are some must-have identifiers that you need to prioritize above all else. 

    Custom QALO Dog Tag

     At the very least, include your pet’s FULL NAME and ADDRESS. You also need to include your primary PHONE NUMBER when customizing your dog’s tag. If you use a landline or work phone in addition to your cell phone, add that too. An email address never hurts, especially if you often find yourself in situations where you can respond via email and not by phone.

    The rule of thumb is to include three important pieces of information on your pet’s tag: your pet’s first and last name, your address and your phone number. These are the basic things a person would need to know in order to get your pawed pal back home safely. A rescuer will want to know your pet’s name in order to build trust. Whoever finds your pet may be able to use the last name to contact you via social media, if necessary. Your address and phone number ensure that you can be reached right away.

    Do You Need to Put Your Whole Address?

    Do you need to put your entire address on a dog tag? Sometimes the address gets cut as a result of a lack of space or privacy concerns. However, it is very important that you include your complete address with the house number and street name, if possible. The reality is that our dogs only tend to wander off when we’re distracted, entertaining guests or away from home. In other words, the times we’re the least likely to be answering the phone or checking emails. Including your address ensures that your buddy makes it back safely if their rescuer can’t reach you by phone.

    Other Important Information to Add

    Of course, the most crucial info for your pet’s tag is the info that will identify them and get them home faster. However, if your dog has any important medical needs, it’s a good idea to include that, too. For example, if your pup takes daily medication, consider adding the words “NEEDS MEDS” to your tag. It’s also common to include the word “MICROCHIPPED” (if your pet is microchipped), so that finders know to have your pet scanned. If your pet just so happens to have a highly followed Instagram profile, add that too.

    Silicone Dog Tags for Wandering Pups

    Dog with silicone dog tag

    Your carefully selected information won’t matter much if you don’t have a good tag to go with it. Typical metal dog tags tend to fade, scratch or fall off, but soft and ultra-durable silicone is a much better solution. QALO makes the best silicone dog tags to keep your pet safe. These quiet, scratch-resistant tags are made to last no matter how hard your furry friend swims, runs or plays.

    Luckily, according to the ASPCA, around 85 percent of lost pets find their way home. That’s thanks in part to microchipping technology and good old-fashioned dog tags. When you include the right tag with the right information, you can rest easy knowing your pal will always be where he belongs — right by your side! 



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