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At QALO, we value marriage and family above all else. It’s the foundation of our values and the inspiration behind our brand and products. We created this book for one simple reason – to strengthen families by ensuring the focus in life is on what matters most – each other.

With this book, we ask you to be wide-eyed and wondrous. We want our QALO core values to resonate not just in our four walls, but in the entire community of committed individuals that have embraced our brand. There is nothing more important in this world than family, and with this book, we hope to strengthen yours, all while re-capturing the power of time spent together.

Craft your family identity through the first section and then take this book out in to the world to complete the 24 family challenges that are included. Get it dirty, take it adventuring and at the end of the day, display your story proudly.

Qalo Ring Size Guide

I Have a Ring to Size

  • Yes, Measure Ring
  • No, Measure Finger

Circumference (MM) Ring Size
44.5 3
44 3.5
46.5 4
48 4.5
49 5
51 5.5
52 6
53 6.5
55 7
56 7.5
57 8
58 8.5
59 9
61 9.5
62 10
63 10.5
65 11
66 11.5
68 12
69 12.5
70 13
71 13.5
72 14
73 14.5
74 15
75 15.5
76 16

Tips + Tricks

If you have a ring to size, please measure the diameter and circumference of your ring and follow the measurements below to find your QALO size. If you are between sizes, we recommend that you take the next whole size up. (i.e. If you are a size 8.5, we recommend that you wear a size 9.)

Still Unsure?