QALO Life Team

QALO Life Team

As QALO has developed and progressed we found that there are sites you can visit to learn about fitness and health, and there are sites you can visit about how to have a better marriage, but they don't often coincide. In 2014, a healthy lifestyle is becoming more of an everyday concern, and a solid, healthy marriage less of one. We want to make them both an everyday concern. A QALO Life is one that combines love, community, and commitment with health and happiness. When you think of QALO you may just think of our wedding bands, but what we want is QALO to not just represent a ring company, but a lifestyle. Take in all life has to offer and live the QALO Life. Our Writing Community Holiday_070 KC Holiday KC Holiday was born and raised in So Cal. He studied Kinesiology at TCU, which he fell in love with after a semester of sitting through classes as a broadcast journalism major. After TCU, a year in a Fire Tech program, and a certification as an NASM Trainer, KC decided to venture on a journey to discover what makes humans truly thrive. Community is what he found. This led him to Co-Found QALO, and that belief now translates to the way he runs QALO. His passion lies in creating content that customers trust and enjoy. In his eyes, becoming a success means creating a community of honest people, and personalities working towards a common goal. As a business owner, his foundation firmly lies in his availability to his customers. Without a customer, you only have an idea. Ideas don't pay the bills. He believes the greatest adventure in life is not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Live every day with that knowledge, make your impact, and take that leap of faith. Life is too short not to do what you love. He wrote and produced his first film at the age of 21, and is currently finishing up his first novel. He was married in May of 2012 to his wife Bryony, and has learned more about himself since that day than he did in his first 24 years. He is grateful that his wife challenges him to be a better man every day. Feel free to contact him at Alex C headshotAlexandra Catalano Alexandra is creator of a company called Eat Cute, a lifestyle brand that provides nutritional counseling, diet and exercise plans and the author of a new book called From Beer Bongs To Broccoli- The College Kid's Guide To Health and Wellness, a humorous tart tongued guide to helping college students look and feel their best while making a difference. AlexCHer book has been featured on Fox Good Day LA, Fox News Magazine, WGN NEWS, CW San Diego, Women's Forum and Lifetime's Supermarket Superstar starring Stacy Keibler and Debbie Fields and many more publications. The Eat Cute brand uses holistic nutritional counseling to empower students to take control of their health while being conscious & kind to the environment. It's about having fun, creating a healthy balance of nutrition and fitness, and discovering how to stop dieting...and Start Eating Cute! mom bioAnnie Lawson

Mom. Nana. Truth seeker. Grace receiver. Loyal. Funny at times. Grew up near the beach, but find solace in the mountains. As a kid, ate zillions of Foster’s Freeze banana splits on the sand in Santa Monica Beach. Could live on French bread but am happy with carrots and hummus. Not a coffee snob but I do drink lattes out of a big porcelain Limoges bowl every morning. Admire witty repartee and smart humor. I love, love, love my family and it is impossible to describe how much. My kids are incredible human beings who chose their mates wisely. Official member grammar police.

Grateful for old friends who help me to grow. Appreciate new friends who see me differently. Tears come easily. Believe that we were born to ask, “God, are you out there?” I wanted to be an actress…Meryl Streep specifically. I value faithfulness and fidelity.

Favorite one-liner:

Sadness comes to stretch out places in the heart for joy.

If I could be known for anything, I would like it to be kindness



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