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Our goal with the QALO Date Box is to help you prioritize one another by letting QALO do the thinking for you when it comes to spontaneous, new, and exciting activities together. It’s not easy to focus on each other. We get it. Life happens, work happens, kids happen – sometimes as a result of date night – and these end up being reasons we don’t make the necessary time to purposefully date the person we love. Far too often the first thing to go when our lives get busy is the time we commit to making our relationships stronger, and now QALO wants to help recapture date night with you.

We hope you enjoy the QALO Holiday Date Boxes!


The goal for the epic selfie is to take the most epic photo you will take this year as a couple. It could be on a mountaintop, underwater, or in a destination you both have dreamed of going. This box is created to prepare you to look your best and challenge you as a couple to finally take that trip, or go on that adventure. Take the journey, make it to the destination, and take a selfie of you both that is worth putting into a frame. Take your time and get yourself photo ready, before you enact your plan to capture the most Epic Selfie.


Here are words or phrases that you should expect to hear when you share your selfie with others:


“That looks photoshopped.”

“How did you not get caught?”

“Damn, our marriage is boring.”

“Can we have a copy of this photo?”

“Are you IG influencers now?” (Yeah they’ll abbreviate Instagram to IG)

“Were you scared?”

“This is so epic.”


The best memories are the ones worth sharing. Let’s make sure this one is…


What’s in the box?

Jan Marini Skin Zyme Mask 

SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit 

Winner’s Aftershave 

Scotch Porter Body Scrub

Bambu Body Oil 

Ducalm Balm Moisturizing Stick 

Easel Picture Frame 

Bluetooth Selfie Stick 



Brand partners


Jan Marini

Winner’s Beard Oil

Bambu Earth Skincare

Ducalm Skincare

Date Night Boxes are final sale - and are non refundable

Qalo Ring Size Guide

I Have a Ring to Size

  • Yes, Measure Ring
  • No, Measure Finger

      Circumference (MM) Ring Size
      44.5 3
      44 3.5
      46.5 4
      48 4.5
      49 5
      51 5.5
      52 6
      53 6.5
      55 7
      56 7.5
      57 8
      58 8.5
      59 9
      61 9.5
      62 10
      63 10.5
      65 11
      66 11.5
      68 12
      69 12.5
      70 13
      71 13.5
      72 14
      73 14.5
      74 15
      75 15.5
      76 16

      Tips + Tricks

      If you have a ring to size, please measure the diameter and circumference of your ring and follow the measurements below to find your QALO size. If you are between sizes, we recommend that you take the next whole size up. (i.e. If you are a size 8.5, we recommend that you wear a size 9.)

      Still Unsure?