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Our goal with the QALO Date Box is to help you prioritize one another by letting QALO do the thinking for you when it comes to spontaneous, new, and exciting activities together. It’s not easy to focus on each other. We get it. Life happens, work happens, kids happen – sometimes as a result of date night – and these end up being reasons we don’t make the necessary time to purposefully date the person we love. Far too often the first thing to go when our lives get busy is the time we commit to making our relationships stronger, and now QALO wants to help recapture date night with you.

We hope you enjoy the QALO Holiday Date Boxes!


Movie on a mountain doesn’t need to be explained. Get as high up as you can where you live, and enjoy a movie together. The QALO version of a drive-in movie, the birthplace of outdoor entertainment that probably led to a lot of actual birth places. Unfortunately, there aren’t many drive-in theatres left, but it doesn’t mean that magic can’t still be created. This date is a combination of an outdoor adventure and a night in. Let’s take your living room outside and watch a movie under the stars.



What’s in the box?

LuminAID Solar Lantern & Phone Charger

QALO Logo Blanket

QALO Companion (filled with Silver Sharpie, iPad Stand, Ring Pop, Starburst)

QALO Water Bottle 


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 Date Night Boxes are final sale - and are non refundable

Qalo Ring Size Guide

I Have a Ring to Size

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      Circumference (MM) Ring Size
      44.5 3
      44 3.5
      46.5 4
      48 4.5
      49 5
      51 5.5
      52 6
      53 6.5
      55 7
      56 7.5
      57 8
      58 8.5
      59 9
      61 9.5
      62 10
      63 10.5
      65 11
      66 11.5
      68 12
      69 12.5
      70 13
      71 13.5
      72 14
      73 14.5
      74 15
      75 15.5
      76 16

      Tips + Tricks

      If you have a ring to size, please measure the diameter and circumference of your ring and follow the measurements below to find your QALO size. If you are between sizes, we recommend that you take the next whole size up. (i.e. If you are a size 8.5, we recommend that you wear a size 9.)

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