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QALO Stories Episode #2: Nick Marantz


Husband, Fire Fighter, Former Marine, CrossFit Gym Owner Nick Marantz Opens Up About The Courage It Takes To Fulfill Your Commitments At Home And On The Job.




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QALO Rings: More Than a Metal Band

April 21, 2015

By Frank Borelli

It was a fairly typical Friday evening.  I was on patrol, moving along the rowdy juvenile loiterers and looking for the known drug dealers.  A fellow officer was on patrol in the next beat sector over and we’d occasionally meet at the line, brief each other on what was going on and then go back to our erratic patrols.  When the radio squawked, it was him.  He had a couple of our known dealers under surveillance and wanted to say good evening to them.  One of them would likely drop whatever they were holding and bolt.  True to form, one of us would gather the evidence while the other went on foot pursuit after the one that rabbited.

6 Reasons A Firefighter Should Wear QALO

April 14, 2015

 By. Brendan Kragel

There are many reasons firefighters should wear QALO rings on the job.

1. The first reason is quite simple... safety. As firefighters we are constantly working with our hands. This means that we are at higher risk for hand and finger injuries. The injury of "degloving" is all too common in the fire service. By wearing a QALO ring the risk of this injury is significantly reduced based on the physical material it is made out of.

Tried, Tested and Trued… A Wedding Band Fit For Duty

March 31, 2015

 By. Nick Surre

The tradition of the thin blue or red line is a modern adaptation of a description originally used by 19th century journalist William Russell. During the Crimean War, Russell described a spread military force holding back an enemy using the expression “a thin red streak tipped with a line of steel,” which over time turned into “the thin red line.” The most current adaption of the phrase referring to law enforcement officers and firefighters uses the colors blue and red. The thin blue line represents law enforcement officers, who commonly wear blue uniforms, standing guard upholding peace for law abiding citizens against unlawful acts. The thin red line is a symbol that illustrates the line of firefighters protecting us, and also shows respect to their fallen comrades.