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QALO seeks to empower people who are committed in their pursuit of the best life has to offer.



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The QALO life is one of action.  We are Doers. We are on a mission to improve our quality of life by living athletically, loving selflessly and playing outdoors constantly. Our rings are a symbol of this journey and a clear statement that when it comes to life, We Do it.




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July 01, 2015

By. The Box Mag

The CrossFit superstar talks about CrossFit's explosive growth, the challenge of balancing competing with family and business, and the time he passes out at the Games.

Why Even Wear A Ring At All When You Work Out?

June 25, 2015

By. Rusty W. Burchfield

My wife and I workout together six days a week in the gym. The gym equipment was taking a toll on our wedding bands, so we stopped wearing them to the gym. This coupled with my career as an Electrical Engineer, I can't wear anything conductive. So over time we both just stopped wearing our wedding bands as we kept forgetting to put them on outside of the gym and work.

5 Reasons Why The QALO Ring Is Solid Both In And Out Of The Gym

June 17, 2015


By: Brandon Richey

As a strength and conditioning coach I’m a big believer in efficiency and durability. Every piece of equipment, every athlete, and every training space must be designed and ready for function. I’m a big believer in this and anything less only serves as an irritant to me. I don’t have the time or the patience for distractions.