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Our Local Police: Meet Monte & Jessica!

May 18, 2017

Here at QALO, those who serve have always been close to our heart. From the beginning Police, Fire, and EMS were growing with us. In June of this past year, QALO moved offices and thus, changed communities. Yet, our heart for those serving the community around us did not. Local Police Departments were an immediate connection and one of which caught our attention.
Tone It Up – Karaoke Challenge!

May 16, 2017

Tone It Up – Karaoke Challenge! Think you could guess what song someone is singing just by the hum of it? We dare you to try!  Watch below as our favorite fitness duo, Karena and Katrina, from Tone It Up give it a shot: Make Your Own Stack Now!  Karena’s and Katrina’s Favorites
Tone It Up – Signs Your Partner Loves Health & Fitness!

May 16, 2017

What does it take to be a #TIUhusband? Bobby & Brian have it down! Watch the Tone It Up Girls and their hubbies take us through some clear signs of being married to a health and fitness personality! Pro Tip: Be prepared to eat A LOT of kale.

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