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Silicone Rings

About Our Silicone Rings

Forget the rules. You’re not only permitted to wear a women’s ring if you happen to be a woman. And if you’re a guy looking for a thinner ring, hop on over to our women’s stackable collection. Because you’re a unique person with a unique style, we’re happy to help you find your unique QALO. This selection of our best silicone rings groups all our styles into one place. Men’s silicone rings. Women’s silicone rings. Stackable silicone rings. Custom silicone rings. You’ll find it all right here.

Comfort Matters

From silver rings that mimic their precious metal counterparts, to camouflage inspired prints, your QALO should fit your lifestyle as comfortably as it fits your finger. We offer a variety of silhouette styles as well. Small hands don’t have to feel overwhelmed by a thick band, and long fingers can show off a series of stacked rings with ease.

Quality First

And, since we make all our rings of high-quality silicone, your QALO is highly unlikely to cause any finger or skin irritation. We never use latex, so allergic reactions are unlikely if your ring is sized correctly. We have a commitment to quality, athletics, love, and the outdoors. What are you committed to, and how will your QALO showcase that commitment?

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